Tuesday 23 February 2016

Ta-dah! Plod the Triceratops!

Hi everyone!

I'm zipping through the new Heidi Bears patterns at the moment - managed to get Plod the Triceratops done over the weekend!

He is so small - he can comfortably stand on my hand. A friend on instagram dubbed him the Tricera-tot! I might need to go up a hook size for the next one, as clearly my tension is getting out of hand...

But look at that tail! So cute!! 

The only thing I would change is to make the face in the african flower pieces and the frill in the plain colour (instead of the other way around), and possibly make the horns a little wider at the base. 

But I still can't get enough of this little guy, he is just adorable :D Plod is visiting my parents in the country at the moment, both for the fresh air and his acupuncture treatment (also known as planning out a candy colour scheme for this design). 


Anne and I are working on a super secret project with a big yarn company at the moment - there will be a giveaway soon, so watch this space!! 

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Max the African Flower Bulldog

Hi everyone! 

I've recently had the opportunity to try a (relatively) new Heidi Bears pattern - Max the African Flower Bulldog

As with all of Heidi's work, the pattern is clearly written, and so easy to follow. 

I did find it a bit challenging getting the stuffing proportions right - the first one (which I haven't taken photos of) looks like he's been overdoing arm day and ignoring leg day at the gym!! 

Plus, what a cute butt ;)

Next up - Plod the Triceratops (now in progress!) and Gobi the Camel

Friday 12 February 2016

Cozy Stripes Blanket Part 1

Hi ladies and gents,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good start into Feburary. I was down with yet another bad case of the flu. Man, it's so annoying!

I wasn't going to show you the following project in the first place as I wanted to do a big Tadah-Post once it is finished. Then I realized that it might take me at least eight more weeks to finish. Ehh, yeah. So you will get progress shots instead.

My honorary aunt (my dad's best friend) is getting married in May - I've known her (and her future husband) since I was a kid and wanted to gift them something special on their big day. As she really likes the blanket I made my granny two years ago, I figured a blanket as a wedding gift is just the thing to do!

I really like working with Stylecraft Special DK on such blanket projects, as there is a huge color range and it washes well. Earlier this year, I told myself I should use more of my stash and guess what... I discovered 25 different colored balls of Special DK in my stash! I put all of them on the floor and the living room and with help from my husband (who has a better eye for colors) I put them into an order!

After briefly considering a blanket in linen stitch, I decided on the Cozy Stripes Blanket Pattern from Attic24. Instead of starting with a beginning chain, I went for a foundation chain, plus I went for about 170 to 180 cm (so two people can cuddle under it).

At the moment I have used all of the 25 colours once and am working on the second repeat. I hope I have enough yarn to use every color four times in the blanket. Fingers crossed!

Oh and something different, but happy too: Do you remember how I donated money for Judith Monica Herrera Alarcon from Bolivia to build up a yarn store in honor of my cat? I just got notice that she was successful and was even able to repay the credit she got from World Vision already. I am so happy for her and her family! Hopefully her little LYS will prosper and she can expand the shop even further!

What is on your hook this weekend?

Take care

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Teddies for Refugees - an Update!

Hi everyone! 

My Teddies for Refugees project is going really well - I've sold 20 teddies, with $10 each going to support the world of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre here in Australia. Plus, a local tennis group have chosen the Resource Centre for a charitable donation from hearing about my project! 

I wanted to share with you a special story today :) 

My cousin is a church minister in Western Sydney, an area which has a high number of people who have come to Australia as immigrants or refugees, and who do not have English as their first language. One particular family that he is working with are refugees from Syria. When I was talking with them over Christmas, my cousin asked if I could make a pair of teddies to give to the family - one in Aussie green and gold, and the other in the colours of the Syrian flag! 

The Aussie one reminds me so much of a soccer player! I had fun looking up the Syrian flag, and figuring out how to get the stars on the white middle of the flag.

I used Anne's Cross Your Heart Teddy pattern (which is free!) and the Teeny Tiny Stars pattern by Lucy at Attic24 for the stars. The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK, except the stars which are Red Heart Margareta.

Making these teddies, and special requests like these buddies has been so much fun, as well as raising money to help refugees!

If you're in Australia and want to buy a teddy and support refugees, visit the shop at https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/TeddiesforRefugees

Friday 5 February 2016

Free Pattern: Boho Chic Blanket (Translation)

Hi ladies and gentlemen!

Once again we have the pleasure if translating a wonderful pattern from Lucie (Vivre au Crochet) from French to English. The Boho Chic Blanket is a true beauty and we are very happy that Lucie trusted us with translating this beauty!

So without further ado, here comes the pattern!

Free Pattern: Boho Chic Blanket

You will need
- Scrap yarn in various colors (Aran)
- 5 balls of yarn (100g each) in an off white color as the main color (Aran)
- 2 balls of yarn (100g each) of another secondary color for the border (Aran)
- 5 mm crochet hook

Important: You will not turn your work after Row 1. You will need to start at the same side of the work all the time.

Blanket Body

Use the border color to crochet a chain. The chain should measure about 150 cm, the stitch count is not important as long as it is a multiple of three, plus two. 

Row 1: 1hdc into the third ch from the hook, and then into each ch. (Note: The turning 2ch at the beginning of this row does not count as a stitch!)

Note from Anne: You can also start with a hdc foundation row in the desired length in a multiple of 3. A tutorial for the foundation row can be found here.

Row 2: Using main color and start with the V-stitch. Chain 3, sk 2 st, *(1dc, 1ch, 1dc) into the next st, sk 2st* til the end of the row, (1ch, 1 dc) in the last st. Finish off. Do not turn. 

Row 3: Change color to any desired color (expect the main color). You're going to work into every second v stitch from the row below. Ch3, *3hdctog, ch1, 3hdctog into the next v-stitch from the row below, sk 1 v-stitch from the row below, 2ch* repeat till the end of the row, finish with 1hdc into the last ch1 from the row below. Finish off. 

Row 4: Change color to any desired color (expect main color). You're going to work into the skipped v-stitches from two rows below and into every v-stitch from the row below. Ch3, *1hdc, ch1, 1hdc into the v-stitch from the row below, 1dc, ch1, 1dc into the v-stitch from two rows below* repeat till the end of the row, 1hdc into the last ch1 from the row below. Finish off.

Repeat row 2-4 till you reached the desired length. Every fourth row should be crocheted in the main color. 

Rd 1: 1hdc into every stitch around, with 2hdc into the side of a hdc, 3hdc into the side of a dc, and three hdc into every corner.
Rd 2-5:  1sc into every stitch around, with three sc into every corner.
Rd 6: Crab Stitch all around.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Ta-dah! Slow Rainbow Tote!


My Slow Rainbow Zig Zag Tote Bag is finished! It's headed for the Sydney Royal Easter Show in a few weeks time. 

I used my own pattern, the Zig Zag Tote Bag, and the following colours of Stylecraft Special DK:

Cloud Blue
Spring Green
Kelly Green

I couldn't decide which colours to use for the straps, so I did one in 6 colours around the pink end, and one in 6 colours around the blue. I love it!!

Since the Easter Show doesn't allow anything to cover up the inside of the work, I added slip stitches around the base and across in 5 lines to give at least the bottom of the bag less room to stretch. 

The inside still looks pretty good though :)

For this week only (until Monday night Sydney time), you can buy this pattern for 50% off with the code RAINBOWTOTE, or just click on this link: 


If it sells at the Show, I think I'm going to have to make myself another one :D