Sunday 22 May 2022

Stylecraft Blogstars Garden Party!

Hi everyone!

It's been an age - racing around after tiny people certainly doesn't allow much time for blogging, or crafting, or... well, pretty much anything else. Allie is 4 years old today, and the time has absolutely flown! 

We were so excited when Stylecraft and the Blogstars suggested a Garden Party for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this year - we hope you visited JosieKitten's blog for her gorgeous Macaron circular cushion pattern on Friday! 

The Garden Party concept was just the creative spark we needed to put together a new design in our Bargello series. This is our Bargello Ribbon Table Runner (all photos in this post credit to Stylecraft Yarns and their amazing photography and design team). 

I've had this design mumbling around in the back of my head for ages, but just haven't had time to activate my almonds and get it out of the brain and into some yarn. It's based on a quilted bargello table runner that my mum has in a glorious patchwork pattern book, but in a pastel rainbow. I love the illusion of the ribbon twisting around itself up your table!

As with our existing bargello patterns, I'm not going to lie - the style of writing the pattern is a bit strange. Please know that I tried as many different ways of writing the pattern as I could think of, and this was the clearest! I encourage you to read it all (even the boring introduction bit), and watch the videos linked in the pattern, and always reach out (on social media, or by email to is more reliable than commenting here) if you need a hand to get going. The pattern has been tested by three crocheters of varying skill levels, and the text independently reviewed. 

A plus for purchasers between now and December 31, 2022 - US$2.50 (over half the purchase price after fees) will be donated to The Rotary Foundation's End Polio Now campaign. Rotary has been working to defeat polio for over 35 years now, and worldwide cases have reduced by 99.9% in that time. There are only two countries now where polio is endemic, and ever decreasing numbers of wild polio cases in the world. As a proud Rotarian, I'm honoured to be able to support this very worthy cause. We are THIS CLOSE to ending the scourge of polio worldwide.

And now, the pattern! To view or purchase the pattern on Ravelry, go here:

Keep bloghopping on 24 May to Janie Crow, who has created some really special decorations for our Garden Party!