Monday 29 October 2018


Hey everyone!

You know how, sometimes, you just have to do something a little bit mad? Last week I needed to do something a little bit mad. 

Work is busy, Allie is growing like a weed (such a cheerful little weed!) and Kiah is going back to work this week (gulp). I have crochet orders to fill, about 5 other projects in various stages of completion including two brand new patterns... so of course I had to start something new.  

(excuse my squinty eyes, it was very windy at the park and I still have bloody conjunctivitis)

Meet the Mini-potamus! Kiah asked me ages ago to make a hippo for Allie in the pastel patchwork colourway, but I just hadn't got to it yet. Then I wondered if it would work to make an itty bitty one, which is much more Allie's size at the moment! 

I used Heidi Bears' amazing Happypotamus pattern (which I can almost make in my sleep now!) and just made two row solid pieces instead of African flowers. 

It's 5.5"/14cm long from nose to butt, and 2.5"/6cm tall. 

I stayed up wayyy too late on Saturday night finishing it off, but it was worth it to give Allie a new little friend to snuggle with on Sunday <3 


Now I wonder if I can make a mini-Captain? A travel sized Captain!