Sunday 4 November 2018

A visit to Zwolle (Breidagen)

Hi all!

It's November already... Man, these last weeks flew by! We now live in the Netherlands for a little over a month. It feels longer and shorter at the same time. There is still so much to do, to organize, but we are getting there. Step by step.

Two weeks ago I had a little break from all the moving chaos and travelled to Zwolle to attend the Breidagen Yarn Festival. A couple of the Stylecraft Blogstars taught workshops there and since I had never met any of the other Blogstars in person, this seemed as a good opportunity.

So, I jumped onto the train, changed trains two times (in Eindhoven and Utrecht) annndd arrived in Zwolle after about 2,5 hours. Fortunately, the Dutch trains seems to be pretty reliable, so there were no delays (I am used to German Bahn delays...). It was quite easy to find the hall where the festival was hold, because there was quite the pilgrimage going there. I guess, I was not the only one attracted to yarn. ;-)

I found the Stylecraft Yarns table right away (well, I knew where to look) and spent some time chatting there (and crocheting). I also brought our Hexagon Stacking Baskets and popped them on the display table with the other Blogstars projects.

Just after lunch, I got the change to attend Emma's amigurumi workshop. We crocheted up her Billy Bear pattern (which is really easy to follow btw) and talked and talked! I had so much fun! Thank you, Emma, for letting me attend the class. :) I finished my little bear a couple of days after the festival and I think I will make another one soon. 

There was so much amazing yarn at the festival - I am still quite surprised that I managed NOT to buy anything. I told myself that I have far too much yarn already, but man, staying "abstinent" was haarrddd!

Take care,