Tuesday 31 May 2016

Frida's Flowers CAL - Block 5 - Heart Rose

The Fifth Instalment of the Frida's Flowers Blanket Crochet-Along, designed by Jane Crowfoot and hosted by Stylecraft Yarns has just been posted, and is available to download NOW from the Stylecraft website, in English (US and UK), German and Dutch.

If you haven't set up a Ravelry project yet, the pattern page can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fridas-flowers-blanket 

We are working the CAL along with you all (in the Classique Cotton, provided by the wonderful Stylecraft team), and will post our tips and tricks for each part at the same time as the pattern is published over at the Stylecraft website. If you have any questions or need help, there are Facebook groups (English: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1555519964767343/ , German: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1039765272753087/ and Dutch:https://www.facebook.com/groups/145851979128898/ ),
and you are always welcome to leave a comment here or ask us on Facebook.

As you know, Anne is doing the German translations for the CAL, so ask away in German too!

So, Block 5 - Heart Rose:

You'll need to make 4 hexagons.

Yarn usage:
11g Sunflower (21m)
8g Plum (15m)
22g Poppy (41m)

9g Shrimp (17m)
8g Teal (15m)
18g Leaf (33m)

8g Mauve (15m)
15g Ivory (28m)
39g Black (72m)

Remember: We are using the Classique Cotton, so use the meterage above if you are making Frida in another DK yarn.

Here's a little spreadsheet tool that Michelle is using to track yarn usage - just enter your start and finish weights for your yarns, and then the weight and meterage used will be automatically calculated! 

Our Top Tips for the Heart Rose Block:

1. In Round 3, starting with either 2ch or a standing hdc can be tricky! 

I recommend that you start in the next stitch with a standing dc, dc in same stitch, continuing according to the pattern around. Don't forget to finish with an hdc in 2nd dc (the one the pattern says to do at the start!), and join to standing dc to finish the round.

2. In Round 5, instead of trying to work into the top of the sc (which is kind of behind where you're working), work into the left two legs of the sc (like in the stacked standing dc).

3. In Round 6, try finishing the picot by slipstitching into the side of the last dc rather than back into the first chain. I find this looks neater and gives me a less twisted looking picot!

4. In Round 11, note that the 3sc corner goes into first dc of the second 5dc group (i.e. immediately after central white petal of round 9). The stitch you skip after the hdc into the picot of Round 6 is the first dc of the second 4dc group (i.e. over the sc stitches of Rounds 7, 8 and 9.

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Happy hooking! Don't hesitate to comment, visit a Facebook group or ask Anne or Michelle on Facebook if you need any help :D


  1. You are doing a great service with your hints and tips. You are almost tempting me to try this project knowing that so much support is available. How much time do you allow to complete each square?

    1. Now that the blocks are getting more complex, they're probably taking me nearly 2 hours per piece, including end-weaving. But it's so much fun :D I thoroughly recommend the project, and you can always ask me questions if you get stuck!

  2. Is block six out yet. What other ones are out please n thanks

    1. Hi Jeannie! Block Six will be released next Tuesday, 14 June, Block 7 on 28 June and the final instructions on 12 July :) You can find links to the first 4 blocks at the end of the post above.

  3. Hi, I am Shahad from Saudi Arabia, Crochetter and a designer
    i really like your CAL and i would like to translate it into arabic by making video tutorials on youtube ... this is my account on instagtam @fuchsia.art so you can see my work.

    1. The CAL was designed by Janie Crowfort and is copyrighted by Stylecraft Yarns, so you can’t translate any of it without their permission. Therefore you need to contact them. :-)

  4. beautiful work, very eye popping , looks like a tapestry ,much work. love it