Friday, 10 January 2014

Giraffes, giraffes, giraffes!

Happy new year, everyone! 

We are just back from our annual Christmas holiday to Lake Macquarie.  I had the best crochet spot in the world :D 

It seems that 2014 will be the year of the giraffe for me - that design is so popular at the moment! 

Here are four little troublemakers I finished for a client as Christmas presents for her grandchildren:

You might recall I asked for your opinion on colour combinations for another order for a child whose favourite colour is orange! The votes came in, and this is the outcome.  The client originally wanted a hippo, but discovered that the little boy's favourite animal is the giraffe, and it was fortunately easy to slightly alter the number of pieces to make the different animal.

I had some mighty trouble tracking down 4 ply orange acrylic yarn in Australia, and eventually had to give in and visit the Deramores UK website.  I now need to forget I ever saw it - the yarn is so cheap and the shipping is so reasonable! 

Fortunately I managed to get enough yarn to make the matching blanket to go with this little giraffe.  It's a corner to corner blanket, with the pattern adapted from this one. I love the texture of the corner to corner blankets, but the middle rows (all the way along the longest diagonal) feel endless, and it's easy to get disenchanted with it. I'm glad I perservered though, the outcome is totally worth it.

Of course, if you want to order an animal or a blanket or talk about designs or colour combinations, just drop me an email at wrappedwithlovebymichelle at gmail dot com !


  1. Hi I love the matching Giraffe and blanket. What pattern did you use for the blanket as I haven't seen it before. I'll definitely make matching blankies to go with my animals. I often make blankies big enough for Mum and Bubs to keep them both warm. It gets a bit cool in the early hours feeding. It can then be used for a bedspread for the little one when they graduate into one. The only thing I hate about comments is having to prove I'm not a robot. Wish I was as I'd get more done.

  2. Hi CraftyGran,
    The blanket pattern is called Corner to Corner - not really from a specific pattern but I recommend googling if you want to find a pattern or a tutorial video. They work up pretty quickly and have such a lovely texture.
    I like the idea of a blanket big enough to cover mum and baby, but it would take so much yarn and so much time, and I could never sell them for enough to cover even the yarn and postage costs :( Maybe for friends!