Saturday 22 March 2014


Each year there is a HUGE expo for all kind of creative stuff in Dortmund: the Creativa. This year, I was able to go - Hurray the expo halls are just down the road from my house! Lucky me!
I spent a couple of hours browsing with a friend and spent more money than I intended to. Of course. :P
We got there early and thus I had time to talk to some of the stall people. At the stall of Ulrike Helrich from Eiderstedter Garnkontor I was in heaven. Soo much yummy yarn and all of it from Scandinavia. I adore yarn from Scandinavia but it is a bit tricky to get. This yarn shop sells it online though and I think I will become a good costumer... I just hope I didn't drool too much on the yarn.
I was gifted two balls of yummy yarn:

The grey one is "Blend Bamboo". It's 70 % bamboo and 30 % cotton. Oh and my god, it is sooo soft. Not sure what I will make with it but I am thinking in the lines of baby shoes.
The red one is "Alpaca Silk". It's 60 % alpaca, 30 % merino and 10 % silk. Also very soft - I can't stop holding it to my cheek to feel it! I adore the color - don't you? I think this yarn ball will become arm warmers and if I like the feel I might order more (of the same color of course) and make a jacket.
I also got a color chart for a different yarn (Incawool). I never had a color chart before but it looks brilliant for color mixing for new projects! I kind of wish I had bought some of the yarns at the stall... Sigh. I reckon I need to order sooonnn.

Both yarns are from Hjerte Garn from Danemark. Never heard of the brand before but I reckon it might become a regular for me! As you know, my sister lifes in Denmark right now and will come for my grandma's birthday. I wonder if she will bring some yarn?! Lena - if you are reading this... I swap you with sock knitting yarn and you will be in my good graces forever! Well and after my sister moves back to Germany, I will order from Eiderstedter Garnkontor. By the way I am not getting paid for this post or anything. I just liked the yarn so much and had such a lovely chat with  Ulrike Helrich  that I wanted to share my discovery with all of you! :-)
I also couldn't walk past these postcards. Aren't they adoreable? They are from the Vexler-Verlag. Have a look at their homepage, there are lots of cute pictures! I bought several and will put them into frames. They will then become a decoration for my office which I am trying to transform into my studio.

As you know I like to work with Zpagetti yarn. And guess what - they had a stall at the expo with brilliant discounts. I bought 10 baby yarn balls for 10 €. What a bargain! Lots of beautiful colours...

One already became a little basket to store some of my WIPs in. This basket is a modification of this one. It is wider on the bottom (simply add more rows before you go up) and has more rows on top. I love how the yarn worked out in this basket.
I also bought this large cone. Not sure what kind of yarn it is but it was pretty and I wanted to try such yarn which has different strands of different yarns for a long time.

So I got it... No idea what I will do with it though. Any suggestions?!

As you can see: I had a gooodd time at the expo. At one stall I saw a hippo made from Heidi Bears pattern and some owls made from the pattern from BunnyMummy. While I was delighted to see the finished projects, I was also a bit sad on how they were made. This might be a very mean thing to say (SORRY) but they were made of cheap yarn with a hook which was too large. Sigh. Made me feel sorry for the little animals. Have you ever felt like that when you saw a project? I feel bad to feel like that but I couldn't help it.
Take care,


  1. Hey Anne, lovely blog. I haven't tried zpagetti yarn yet but am planing on making a project basket with it. I have used Katia cotton cord which is great as well. I know these coasters, have made a lot of them too, so cute :) your in my blog roll now, so I can keep an eye out for amineko. Greetings from Germany (NRW, SG) Thuri

    1. Dear Thuri, thanks for your comment! :-) Zpagetti Yarn is a lot of fun to play with! A bit tough on the arms and hands after some time though...
      Thanks for adding us to your blog roll - i shall add you too! My Amineko needs one more leg, the tail and the face. I hope to get it done this weekend!
      Take care, Anne