Friday, 11 April 2014

Villigster Decken

Hello all!

My granny-patches fever is back! Well, that doesn't mean I don't have like 10 other projects going on as well, but these are so much fun! Also, it's a lovely way to get rid of left over yarn.
These patches you see have a history. As I mentioned before I work for the scholarship organization of the protestant church (also was a scholarship pupil there myself). The scholarship system in Germany is rather different from most other countries: It's not the unis which give away scholarships but 13 organizations which operate nationwide. They receive money from the government to hand out said money (plus money from their background organizations, donations and so on). There are four confessional organizations, several political ones and some others.

Anyway, the scholarship people of Villigst have a "solidarity fund". One of the scholarship holders is responsible for the fund and almost every one pays a monthly fee into the fund. Also it lives off donations. If some scholarship holder is in dire monetary need, he/she can ask for money out of the fund. No one will ever know he/she got money (except for the person responsible for the pay out). This fund has existed for many years and in my opinion it is a great, great thing. I was lucky enough that I never had to ask for money out of the fund, but I know some people who have.

As I said the fund also "lives" off donations. This week, Wibke and I had the idea to fund a projects which shall rise money for the fund: Villigster Decken (Blankets of Villigst). There are a lot of current and former scholarship people who love to crochet or knit. Thus we asked them to crochet/knit little patches (10 cm x10 cm) and post them to me. I will sew them together and we will auction the finished blankets of. The first one shall be finished for the annual pentecost meeting (there will be a lot of current/former scholarship people and we hope the blanket with rise good money).
I have tons of left over yarn, so this will go into little patches. I had forgotten how much fun granny squares are! So easy and such a quick reward! As you can see, I also did a basket weave and a corner to corner patch.
Oh how I wish the day had more hours! So many crochet projects I want to start!
Have you donated crocheted/knitted goods for charity before?

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