Saturday 10 May 2014

Some love for Dortmund

Hello all!

The weather has been very rainy and stormy for the last couple of days. Yesterday we had so much hail that our balcony was covered in white little balls (and I had to save the spice pots. Not sure that all of them survived). Therefore it is nice to remember nicer weather days. In this case from earlier this week...

As you know, I live in Dortmund since last summer. Dortmund is famous for its soccer club (Borussia Dortmund - the yellow guys) and... well, not much else I guess. It has a reputation for being industrial and ugly. This when we moved here, I wasn't a happy camper. I thought there would be ugly buildings and little green. Boy, I was wrong! There are such great quarters in the town and there is soo much green! I can't believe it but I came to love Dortmund!

Earlier the week the boyfriend and I took a walk. The following pictures are taken just 2 km from our house... Doesn't look industrial and ugly, does it?

How was your week? 

Take care,


  1. Pretty pictures, Anne! Thanks for the comment. Hope your elbow gets better. I get that too if I crochet too much. I've worn wraps and things on my arm and even gotten cortisone (steroid) shots at the doc to help it heal. Rest is the best cure, unfortunately it takes weeks! I know exactly how you feel! I also sit at a computer and type all day. I love the hippo made of African flowers! CUTE!

  2. Hi Anne! It looks like such a pretty place to live! It is autumn here and the trees are starting to look a bit bare! Thank you for sharing all that lovely GREEN!!

  3. what a beautiful place to live, not remotely ugly!