Tuesday 8 July 2014

Preparing for Canada - House Slippers

Hello all!

As I mentioned before, we will travel to Canada this summer. Vancouver and Vancouver Island to be exact. Man, I am so excited! Our first real holiday in two years and my first time leaving the continent since 2011 (when I was in Australia for Michelle's wedding).

I had my fair share of long distance travels over the last ten years and one thing I hate about plane rides are the shoes. My feet usually swell up but I don't like to walk around on the plane in socks. So this time, I decided to make myself "plane shoes" which I can use as house shoes in the hostels we will stay in as well.

The Oma House Slipper pattern from Tara Murray is fantastic! You have to pay for the pattern but it is well worth it! I used the size 4 instructions. Uh, no my feet aren't that tiny but instead of holding two strands of yarn together, I used a rather bulky yarn. After some trial and error, I discovered that the size 4 pattern worked best. 

As you can see, I added liquid rubber stuff underneath, so I won't slip. Undoubtedly I am not very talented at pretty figures but it should do the trick. Plus, no one will see it anyway, I reckon!

Oh, I am so looking forward to our time in Canada!

Is any of you from Vancouver by any chance and has some good yarn shop advice (or would like to meet for coffee)?

Take care

P.S. Thanks for your kind comments on Findus! I miss him a lot...


  1. Canada is a country I would definitely love to visit. Those slippers are great. I like to have slippers like those for travel and when in hospital too. Easy to pack but they keep your feet clean and warm when having to get out of bed but not as bulky as rigid soled slippers. The stretch factor of these slippers would make them good for pregnancy too which is another time of life when feet tend to swell. Tara Murray has some very attractive and practical patterns.

    1. That's very true! I also have a set of these slippers at my parent's place. :-) Did you try some of Tara Murrays kid pattern? They are fun to make and such great gifts!

  2. Great slippers ! I've never done slippers but I think i'm gonna crochet some like yours. So, Have a very very nice and beautiful trip in Canada that semms so beautiful (I don't know this country yet ! only through blogs...). Bye from France !

  3. I am in the Vancouver area! I hate to disappoint, but I'm a tea drinker, so no tasty coffee at my place. In fact, I don't even own a coffee pot. But I have lots of tea, and I'd be happy to meet you somewhere if you're looking to meet fellow hookers! When are you going to be here (assuming you aren't already. I'm horribly behind on my blog and reading others)? It's super sunny and HOT right now, so pack accordingly!

    1. We will arrive tomorrow! Would be happy to meet you for tea (i love tea)! Write me a mail and we shall arrange something! anne.schueler@gmail.com
      Take care Anne
      Ps Thanls for the hint about the temperatures! I will throw some jumpers outof the suitcase!