Tuesday, 16 December 2014

PATTERN: Double Spiral Square Motif

Hello everyone, and welcome!

This is our 100th blog post! Thank you all for reading and supporting us! We love all your comments and shares and saves on Bloglovin :) 

And as a special present just for all you wonderful readers, here is my brand new pattern (with photo tutorial): The Double Spiral Square Motif!! As you know, I'm a bit mad on spirals. After I did the translation of Patty Crochète's gorgeous Solid Spiral Granny Square, my lovely friend Angela from Get Knotted Yarn Craft sent me this picture of a doona cover, and suggested that maybe the solid spiral granny could be converted to make this double spiral square:

What an idea! I spent way too many hours and brainspoons figuring out how to do the spiral with two colours instead of four, and then how to connect opposite ends of the squares to make it spiral like this... and here it is, with a photo tutorial! It has only been lightly tested, so please let me know if something is unclear, or needs more information/photos :)

What could you do with this motif? The sky's the limit! I can see two of them sewn together and lined to make a little pencil case; or stitch a whole bunch together to make an afghan; or as an accent row in a groovyghan; or as a square-ish market bag... So many options! 

Add it to your Ravelry queue or favourites here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/double-spiral-square-motif


Two colours of yarn (Colour A and Colour B)
Hook, size appropriate to yarn
Yarn needle

All stitches are in US terminology
sl st = slip stitch
ch = chain stitch
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
tr = treble crochet

- The square spiral is made by alternating forward and reverse (1dc, 1tr) (1tr, 2dc) stitch sequence in the corners. This pattern makes a specific size - refer back to the Solid Granny Spiral Square pattern for information on how to make it bigger!
- Drop yarn means to pull up a large loop of the yarn, and let it go to start working with a different colour. When you go back to your large loop, pull it tight before continuing.
- All stitches are worked into the top of the stitch below, not into the space between stitches, unless otherwise specifically stated.

1. Making each spiral square:

In colour A ch5.  Sl st into first chain to form a ring. 

Ch 3, into ring (2dc, 2tr, 3dc, 2tr, 3dc). Pull up large loop of yarn and drop colour A.

Using colour B join into ring. Ch 3, 2 dc into ring.  Into 3 ch loop of colour A, (dc, 2 tr, dc). dc into next 2 dc. In next tr (dc, tr). In next tr (tr, 2 dc). dc in next 3 dc. In next tr (2dc, tr). In next tr (tr, dc). Pull up large loop of yarn and drop colour B.

Pick up colour A. With colour A, in 3 ch loop of colour B, (dc, 2 tr, dc). dc in next 3 dc. In next tr (dc, tr). In next tr (tr, 2 dc). dc in next 4 dc. In next tr (2dc, tr). In next tr (tr, dc). dc in next 7 dc. Pull up long loop of yarn and drop colour A.

Pick up colour B. dc in next 4 dc. In next tr (dc, tr). In next tr (tr, 2dc). dc in next 5 dc. dc in next tr. 2dc in next tr. Cut off, pull end through.

Pick up colour A. In next tr (dc, tr). In next tr (tr, 2dc). dc in next 6 dc. In next tr (2 dc, tr). Pull up long loop of colour A, cut end, leaving very long tail (approx. 60cm).

Make two spiral squares in the same way.

2. Joining spirals

Lay out your squares according to the picture below. You should have one Colour A yarn at the top on one side, and one on the bottom on the other side.

**With colour A tail, tr in next tr. Slip-stitch into the top of the last stitch of colour B on the other square. 

In same tr, dc, then slip-stitch into the top of the second-last stitch of colour B. (dc in next dc, slip-stitch into top of next colour B stitch) x4.**

Repeat **to** with colour A loop at the other end of the join.

I found it easier to pull the yarn through to the top of the work rather than try and grab it through the gap.

Ta dah!

Finish both Colour A threads & weave in ends. To tighten up the tiny gap between the finishing points, weave the end into the opposite side (so in the same direction as you were already going).

3. Outside row

Using colour B, join to either of the Colour B sideways dc stitches. Then, 2ch, 2hdc in the same space.

**hdc in next 9 dc (don't forget the stitch that the sideways dc is made in). 

In next tr (1hdc, 1dc). In next tr (1dc, 2hdc). hdc in next 9 dc. In next tr (2hdc, 1dc). In next tr (1dc, 1hdc). hdc in next 10 dc. hdc in next 2 tr. **

3hdc in next Colour B sideways dc stitch.  Repeat ** to **. Sl st in top of first ch2, cut off and pull end through.

Weave in all your ends. 


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! Looks great! I have one for a potholder, I think with three or four colors. Would love to try that. Maybe next year. :)

    1. So many projects are falling into the "next year" bucket - I can't believe it's 9 days to Christmas!

  2. Thnaks a lot for your tuto !!!! That's great as your blog !!!! Have a lovely week !

  3. What an amazing idea! I can only imagine the amount of work it took to figure it out, but the result is great! Thanks for sharing - and congratulations on your 100th post, gals! ; )
    Wish you both a lovely week! xx

  4. Looks great! Maybe when I get my current blanket (and many other smaller projects) finished I'll give it a go. I think this is called a Greek key design.

    1. Thank you Gillian! I looked up Greek key designs - it is one of the many variants! Thanks :)

    2. I made a Greek key design on a tea towel once but that was using a tapestry method in rows, not going in rounds like you are. What an effort it must have been, but you achieved it and now we can all enjoy the result of your labour. Thanks for sharing the pattern. :-)

    3. Thanks Jodie :) It took some untangling, but I'm so pleased with how it came out!

  5. Hi Michelle & Anne, I have a little Christmas/Birthday gift for you in the form of an award nomination for a 'Harmony & Peace' award for "bringing harmony & peace, love & beauty & positivity to the world" through your blog. More information is on my blog:
    and I hope you will accept. Season's Greetings!
    Jodie xxx

    1. Wow thank you Jodie! We will write our award post tomorrow. What a Christmas present!!!

  6. Oh Michelle, it looks so amazing. I'm so very proud of you, I KNEW you could do it after you nutted out the single spiral. WTG! <3

    1. Yay thank you! And thanks for the inspiration :)