Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fussy Brain Crochet Time

Good Evening!

Thank you for your kind words regarding my granny's passing. The funeral was really nice and while we miss her a lot, we are happy that she is with my grand-dad now.

Some weeks ago, Michelle and I switched our blog days. The switch makes a lot of sense regarding our work times, however my brain is still confused by it... So, last week, I forgot to blog on Tuesday. Oops.

Looks like all my brain power went into pattern testing. Do you remember the flames which Michelle posted some weeks ago? Well, I put them into a beanie. What started as a seemingly easy idea ended up being rather complicated. There was a lot of frogging, cursing and almost crying involved. Due to the way the flames are crocheted, the beanie has to be started from the bottom. This makes sizing a lot harder as crochet beanies usually start from the top.

Several beanies later, it looks as if I nailed it... I think. Now it is time to write up the pattern and adjust it to different sizes. So many stitches, so many numbers, so much counting. My brain is pretty cooked up. 

I also started to work on Michelle's ZigZag Tote. So far I made the bottom part and am in a bit of a fight with numbers again. Sighs. I know how it should look, I know how it is crocheted but at the moment my brain/hands can't do it. Laughs. Hopefully tonight! I have a desperate urge to move on to the colourful part as I have been crocheting with black too much over the last couple of days. 

My yarn stash is a bit of a mess and rather large. Time to do something about that! So last week I ordered a yarnwinder which arrived yesterday. While I am a bit unhappy with the quality (it wasn't that cheap!), it is mostly working fine. True, it ate some yarn last night but now I kinda know how it works best. Aren't these yarn cakes adorable?!

How is life and crochet going for you these days? Fussing brain like me or crochet wonderwoman? :)

Take care


  1. I really like my yarn winder. It is not often I use it since most of my yarn comes in balls.
    But sometimes it is not in balls. Mine works perfectly, as long as I am not in a hurry.
    Love the flames by the way... Crochet is more difficult to write and count, compared to knitting...
    Have a nice evening. And please do share at my link up wed and thursdays each week :)

    1. My yarn comes in balls too but they tend to roll around, so I decided to transform them into little yarn cakes :D
      Which yarn winder brand do you use?

  2. Anne I'm so sorry to hear about your Granny - I can't have read the post. Thinking of you.

    The hat is lovely, you're very clever and patient to work it all out!

    Have a good week

    1. Thank you Helen! As you have lost for granny recently too, this means a lot to me!

  3. For me a knitting project and fussing brain too with my alpaga fleeces .... Have a lovely day !

  4. Hello Anne! Sorry to hear about your granny's passing... Well done for working out the pattern! Good things take time! I totally love my woolwinder, I use it a lot. It makes for easier work later on!
    Have a nice week!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Thank you, Ingrid!

      I started to work with the yarn cakes last night and it really is so much easier! No rolling around! Less tangling!

  5. I love the hat, immediately I thought of Autumn bonfires!! Sharon x

    1. Thank you! We will call the beanie "campfire beanie" :-)

  6. Adore the hat, Anne. Have a great weekend.

  7. How is life and crochet going? Lots of crochet to do and life seems to be as busy as can be so I seem to be travelling towards the dangerous wonderwoman end of the spectrum! With so much going on, I am behind in my blogreading and hope that everyone will be patient with me!
    It looks like you have quite a challenge ahead of you, Anne - pattern testing, misbehaving yarn winders, black yarn and complicated-looking patterns like Michelle's zig zag tote. You will undoubtedly handle it all with flair eventually.
    Meanwhile, think of me if you are feeling overwhelmed because I feel like I am on the verge of it myself. I hope it is true that "a problem shared is a problem halved". As much as I try to turn my back on 'wonderwoman', the pull of so many demands is almost impossible to resist.
    Good luck with your projects. Hang in there! xxx