Sunday 6 September 2015

Summer Mosaic & Around the Bases CALs - Update #4

Hello everyone! 

What a week! Both of us have been dealing with some bad health stuff this week - Anne's dad is unwell again, and Kiah and I have been up at the Lake helping out our next door neighbour who has brain cancer :(  

However, I did manage to get up to date on my CALs last week, so let's see how they're going at the moment :) 

Week 3 was a block stitch, and I chose to use tropical colours for the blocks and cream/white for the chain stitches in between. 

Week 4 was star stitch - a new one to me! It took a bit to get the hang of it, but I got there in the end! I have no idea if my stitch count is correct, I guess we'll find out next week :P

JulieAnny's Summer Mosaic Mystery CAL

Clue 4 was growing the circles even bigger! I think I got the post stitches in the right place... 

Clue 5 was making 6 triangles :) So many ends! I know logically there weren't any more ends than making the squares, but (1) there were six of them, not two and (2) they hung down like a giant fringe from the long edge, which was just miserable to look at. I did get them all stitched in eventually though, but my poor index finger was sore typing at work the next day from pushing the needle through!

The pile is growing now :) This week we will be making the circles into octagons (with millions of popcorns) - my prediction was correct!  


  1. Yay! Your prediction came it a 'yay' or 'dismay' about millions of popcorns?
    I hope your finger feels better soon so you can get stuck into your CALs. Have fun :-)

    1. I'm not sure yet whether I'm happy about the popcorns or not! At least it's not millions of picots?

    2. Indeed! I am with you on the picots. I have trouble getting each one to be 'just so'. I will be fine for a while and then there will be one or two that just...won't...go...right no matter how many times I rip and start over. There are different ways to achieve picots too, so trying to find the right method for the right effect can be hard (for me anyway).

      The thing with popcorns is that they use more yarn than other stitches. Perfect for yarn sales (Jodie! You are such a cynic!) and using up scraps ;-) Great texture though!

    3. So true about the yarn use - each Clue 6 took half a ball! That's three whole balls of the main colour just on one clue!!! I blame the popcorns.