Tuesday, 13 October 2015

PATTERN: Toasty Wrist Warmers by Anna Holzberger

Hello everyone! 

We have a very special treat for you today - a guest post (and FREE PATTERN!) from new designer, Anna Holzberger. These reversible, stylish and toasty warm wristwarmers take only an hour or two to work up, require less than one 100g ball of yarn, and look great! 

by Anna Holzberger
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60-70g DK/8ply yarn (I used James C Brett Woodlander)
4.5mm hook
Yarn needle


This pattern uses American terminology. 

ch - chain
slst - slip stitch
hdc - half double crochet
bpdc - back post double crochet
fpdc - front post double crochet

Tension and Sizing:

The pattern below fits a large adult male (length 19cm/7.5", width 12cm/4.5")

My tension worked out to be approx 1hdc = 0.5cm/0.25"

To change the width/circumference, increase or reduce the number of chain stitches at the start - make sure you still have an odd number though!

To change the length, increase or reduce the number of repeat rows in each section (see Notes below for sections).


1. These wristwarmers are worked from the finger end to the wrist end.

2. The first 5 rows are worked in the round (Section 1), the next 11 rows are worked in rows back and forth (Section 2) and the final 9 rows are worked in the round again Section 3).


Chain 37 (not tight); join to beginning chain to form circle.
Row 1 – Ch1, 1HDC into same stitch, 1HDC in the next 36 HDCs, sl st to initial HDC (37 HDC)
Rows 2 to 5 – Repeat Row 1 (Total of 5 rows of HDC)
Row 6 – Ch1, 1HDC into the same stitch, HDC in next 36 stitches, turn (37 HDC)
Rows 7 to 15 – Repeat Row 6
Row 16 – Ch1, 1HDC into same stitch, 1HDC in the next 36 chains, sl st to 1st HDC/Ch1

At this stage you can turn the work inside out or stay on same side.

Join by slip stitch to first HDC of Row 16 to begin working in the round again.

Row 17 – Ch2, FPDC in HDC below the Ch2, BPDC in next HDC, repeat FPDC & BPDC (17 times), slip stitch into initial FPDC to close round. (you should have 36 post stitches in total)
Rows 18 to 25 – Repeat Row 17 - do a FPDC in each FPDC and BPDC in every BPDC.

Sew in tail ends….. should only have two of these!!!

Repeat for second wrist warmer.

Ta Da!!!!


  1. Gorgeous. Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Lovely, thanks for sharing! xx

  3. Wristwarmers are a great thing aren't they! xx

  4. Wristwarmers are so perfect for any time of year - I have been making a bunch of them this year.
    I love this pattern - the different construction (usually I find an oblong stitched on one side, leaving a gap. I like the way Anna's pattern takes into consideration the shape of the hand and thumb and uses different stitch sizes to accommodate that as well as switching from the round to rows. Anna's method removes any seams so they are more comfortable to wear. Thanks for sharing this pattern - I will add it to my resources!

    By the way, I wish to congratulate you again on your "Blog Birthday" week by nominating you for a Sunshine Award. I always feel happy and inspired to see the things you are doing on your blog. Michelle, your output is astonishing and Anne, I love learning about your life in Germany and seeing the cute projects that you make too. Read about the Sunshine Award nomination here:
    No major commitment required - totally up to you. This is my way of saying thank you for your friendship and sharing the crafty fun.
    Hugs, Jodie xx