Saturday, 9 January 2016

Too much yarn?!

Hi there!

Did you have a good start into the new year? I am sickish since Christmas but it is getting better (I think). :) I am still on holiday til next Monday and am enjoying the free days a lot. Lots of crochet and napping involved! :D

Last weekend, we tackled the office/studio. We have been talking about decluttering the rooms for ages but never got around to it. Too much on our plate and so we ended up pilling stuff into the room. You see, we basically live in the living room/kitchen anyway, so we didn't miss the room. Still, the clutter and the stuff made us both feel uneasy and unhappy. Clutter tends to to that to me.

So, we tossed, scanned (we own a document scanner now - it is wonderful! Far less paper, in fact we are heading towards a paperless office), donated and sold. Three moving boxes of paper, three boxes of books, two boxes of yarn (gasp!) and heaps of other stuff out of the room. And woah, there is still heaps of stuff in the room but it is far better than beforehand. I wonder where all the stuff came from - the office must be like a black hole which collects clutter and stuff! 

The decluttered room feels good. But I discovered that I have more yarn I can ever use (well, not ever but in the next years), even yarn I am not sure I will ever use. I bought it at some point for some project I never got around to make. Or I lost interest in the yarn because I didn't like to work with it. Oh and with some I am not even sure when I got it. Oops. I have the strong feeling that I have too much yarn.

Gasp! Yes, there seems to be something like too much yarn!

Of course I tried to declutter the yarn too and two boxes isn't too bad but boy, there is still too much. Now, my problem begins. I know there is too much, I know I should give some away but... I can't decide which! Whenever I take the yarn into my hand, my brain is full of ideas what I could make with it. Or I remember who gave it to me or the special moment I bought it. Sighs.

Any ideas what I should do?

Take care


  1. Could you donate the excess yarn to a group that makes things like blankets for refugees? They will not worry what colour or style or type of yarn it is, as long as it can be made into something warm. Or you could make some yourself and then donate them? Or to a group that works with children perhaps doing crafts and so on? Just a thought. I need to sort out my office too, but I don't have as much space as you, it is amazing how it fills up isn't it! xx

  2. The yarn could go to community groups that teach people how to do crafts, kindergartens, schools. I like Amy's idea about making something to donate, especially for those yarns where the yarn is lovely to feel but you can't remember (or changed your mind about) what you were going to make with it. That way, you can still enjoy the yarn but the result is not more clutter.
    Perhaps you can look at some yarn swapping forums online? That way the yarn can go to someone who may be looking for that particular type of yarn. On Ravelry one can flag items in the stash as "Will trade or sell".

  3. It's not that bad... You should see the amount of fabric I'm hoarding. Now that's scary �� Wiebke

  4. Hi Anne, nice to see it all organized in one place like that. My yarn seems to be everywhere due to lack of space... ;)
    Ingrid xx

  5. I find it easier to get rid of things I love if I know they are going to a good home. What if you invited over some young people (or any people) who like to knit/crochet and don't have a huge stash. Then you invite them to take home some yarn that they use. That way they are choosing which yarn is right for them, and you know it will be used and loved. And you can always set aside your very favorites and not include those in the offer.

  6. Hope you're feeling much better now! And that you solve your yarn question, I'm sure you'll find a good home :)

  7. No such thing as too much yarn. No. Never.
    Sending a virtual cup of lemon-ginger tea for your cold. Feel better.

  8. I would try everything to keep it all!