Tuesday 12 April 2016

Ta-dah! Rainbow Unicorns!

Hi everyone! 

Unicorns! I've just finished up two unique little rainbow unicorn buddies, using the Fatty Lumpkin the Brave African Flower Pony pattern by the incredible HeidiBears, and adding a horn (because, unicorns are really just ponies with horns :P ) 

I had a lot of fun on Sunday night, live-instagramming making the manes for these babies - 

Neatly lined up bundles of coloured threads (right before the cat jumped up on my knee and made a mess of everything):

Threads all knotted onto the base chain for the tail:

And, of course I needed to keep the mane out of the way whilst stitching on the ears and horn so... check out the hipster unicorn with his manbun!

All the Heidi Bears toys are different because they're handmade - I don't have a machine to just stamp them out identically. But, these two unicorns are a bit more different - I've used slightly different colours and layouts for the body of the beast :)

This one is pink, blue, yellow and green:

And this one has purple added in too! 

I could not convince the Heidi Bears horn pattern to work for me, so I made up my own, and added some silver thread embroidery. 

Hairdressing is not one of my best skills (as you can probably see from the uneven ends of the manes and tails), but I can only assume that their new owners will be as enthusiastic about scissors as I was when I was little so it won't really matter. So many bald Barbie dolls...

I can't wait to send these boys off to their little girls! 


  1. I love those unicorns, they look so pretty and colorful! :)

  2. your unicorns look beautiful mine don't look that nice but hey no matter but i have a question for you and hoping you can help as i have been on it now for 2 days and getting no where how do you do the horn as on my pattern it says 35 hdc (one hdc into each stitch), then hdc decrease, rep from * 3 more times but i can not see another * any where on the pattern i have tried always of doing the horn getting quite down hearted with it have you any suggestions please thank you in advance

    1. Thank you Marilyn! I ended up doing a different pattern for the horn, because I couldn't get the spiralling hdc to look any good:
      (do not join at the end of each round; just continue in a spiral)
      1. 6sc in magic ring
      2. 1sc in each sc - 6sc
      3. (1sc, 2sc) x 3 - 9sc
      4-6. 1sc in each sc - 9sc
      7. ((1sc)x2, 2sc) x 3 - 12sc
      8-9. 1sc in each sc - 12sc
      10. ((1sc)x3, 2sc) x 3 - 15sc
      11-12. 1sc in each sc - 15sc
      13. ((1sc)x4, 2sc) x 3 - 18sc
      14. 1sc in each sc - 18sc, slst into next sc, finish off.

    2. Hi Michelle
      i can not thank you enough your way of doing the horn is brilliant and now my fatty looks perfect I'm so pleased with him so again thank you so very much you are a star

    3. I'm so glad I could help! :)

    4. Hi Michelle
      i'm sorry to be a pain but looking at your pony's i love the colours that you have used can i ask what wool did you use and where did you get it from please as i hav looked for similar colours and can't find any or decent wool to use hope you don't mind me asking many thanks

    5. Not at all Marilyn! For my toys I use a yarn called Baby Wonder from Bella Baby, which is a home brand of Spotlight in Australia and NZ. It's a 4 ply yarn, with 40% nylon content which helps the yarn stay strong under high tension, and keeps the toys small, tight and well stuffed :) I have tried using other brands, such as Red Heart Baby and Margaretha, but without the nylon content, the acrylic yarn did not hold up so well.

    6. thank you so much i will have a look to see if we have anything like that here in the UK, all the yarn i have looked at is either to expensive or very limited on colours the yarn i have used is called womens institute and it is from a shop called Hobby Craft but they have very little in colours but will keep looking but thank you again for all your help,

  3. Hi Michelle!
    Your unicorns are adorable, you really got a gift with making these type amigurumi!! Somebody will treasure them, I'm sure!

    Have a good week!
    Ingrid xx

  4. Ooooo sooooo cute! They really are fab, I'm sure their new owners will love them :)

    1. Thanks Jill! They're moving in with two little girls :)

  5. Gorgeous colours. Always better to have more length when it comes to manes, tails and any sort of fringe. If vigorous play and lots of handling cause the ends to ever unravel into individual plies, there will always be room for a little trim to tidy them up again. I like to make long fringes on my scarves too, especially those I am giving as gifts for the same reason. On the other hand, if the yarn ever untwists all the way, a thicker fringe becomes a finer one! Lovely work as always, Michelle xx

    1. Thank you Jodie! I totally agree about the length - as my mother tells me, it's much easier to cut a bit more off than to add a bit more on! :P

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Amalia! They're still sitting up on my piano - so gorgeous :D