Thursday 26 May 2016

Ghost Times!


How are you doing these days? Life is busy for me but I try to embrace this fact. Fortunately I can squeeze some crochet time in - not as much as I want but some! New to the usual life, a new rowing machine is "stealing" my crochet time. My husband and I are trying to get fitter and thus a water rower moved into our flat. The rowing is good fun and the swishing sound of the water is so soothing! 

I am crocheting for fundraising again. Some of our readers might remember the Villigst Blanket I made two years ago. This time I am making little ghost which people can "buy" for a donation to non-material support (= such as summer schools or study abroad). They can be "bought" for 25 € and 100% of this money will be donated - I am donating my crochet time and the craft materials. 

The current and former scholarship holders often talk about the "Villigster Geist" / "Villigster Ghost or Spirit" which connects them and thus I crocheted a ghost for a prize for a fundraiser at the annual Pentecost meeting. Some people asked if I could crochet a ghost for them as well and here I am making more amigurumi ghosts! The adventures of the ghosts can be followed under the hashtag #geistreichmitvilligst on Instagram. The hashtag plays with the German word for witty (geistreich). In a literal translation witty means "full of ghost/spirit". :D

The pattern is from Crafteando and easy to follow. :) I hate sewing on the arms and thus I am thinking about crocheting them on in future ghosts. I also changed the little bow and made it bigger. :) 

I love how each little ghost turns out a little different and thus special!! Fingers crossed many more of  these ghosts will be ordered!

What are you crafting these days?

Take care


  1. I love the ghosts! They're so cute :) I bet they will be well loved by their future owners :) Can empathise with the busy - really pleased you're finding time to crochet though :) and good luck with the fitness! Am on the same bandwagon and as a result am constantly in possession of achey legs! xx

  2. Your ghosts are cute and it looks like they are creating a lot of fun in the Instagram photos. I found it interesting to know about the different German words and their meanings such as geistreich with both the idiomatic and literal meanings. You are very generous with your time, skill and materials. Putting out goodwill deserves goodwill in return. Good luck and have fun with your fundraising. Wishing you success in reaching your goal. :-)