Sunday 17 July 2016

Winter Set

Hi you!

Now that the Stylecraft CAL is over, I finally have time for more crochet. Translating ate lots of my free time and thus I didn't hook as much over the last weeks as I hoped I would! Plus I really need to catch up with all your blog posts!

I went for a quick project this week: Anca brought home yarn from Iceland and asked me to make something with it. There were 4 balls of Lettlopi Yarn. 100 % wool (and found little bits of hay inside the yarn!) and aran weight. 

There were two balls of blue, one green and one yellow. It made finding a pattern a bit difficult because most pattern I had in mind asked for either more yarn or more than one ball of a color. I found two patterns in the end though!

This is the Little Wings Shawlette from Crochet Uncut. It worked up nicely and I think it had a decent size. In the end I realized I could have made it bigger (as I had no idea how the yarn worked up, I went for the safe option) but on the other hand, this sizes is pretty perfect, of you ask me. 

The other pattern I used was the Everly Head Wrap from Mamachee. I added 10 extra ch to the starting row as it looked too small before (and I was right!) plus I only did 9 rows because while it would have been very tight if I had gone for the original stitch count, the head band would have been far too big in height if I had stuck with the original 12 rows.  I am happy with how it turned out, but I hope the yarn won't be too scratchy to wear!

What is on your hook today?

Take care


  1. How beautiful! I love the colours :) A lovely project - I bet you're looking forward to wearing them! A plus side to colder winter, yay! xo

    1. Thank you, Helen! It is for a friend to moves to New Haven and she loves it!!

  2. Well done on finding appropriate patterns for the amounts of yarn. I'm having that problem at the moment. Is that yarn a handspun? I have some handspun alpaca that also has tiny pieces of hay in it. Sometimes the hay fragments are not easy to get out! Did you have trouble at all?
    'Head wraps' or 'ear warmers' are quite popular in Adelaide at the moment. Every day I go out, I see someone wearing one. You have done a lovely job with yours and to have a matching shawlette on the shoulders makes an attractive ensemble.
    You might find the yarn is less scratchy after a few washes. Enjoy! xx

    1. Thank you, Jodie! Took me some time to find the right pattern! I am not sure if the yarn is hand spun but I don't think so as it come from a bigger company. I tried to pic the hay whenever I found it but I don't think I got all of it out... In the end I left it in as it added to the charm!

    2. I would be very surprised and not very impressed if a larger company was machining yarn that still had hay in it. That would annoy me greatly but handspun on the other hand, one expects some imperfections and it does add to a hand made homely charm I agree. :-)