Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hex - Hex - Hexagon Blanket

Hi ya!

I (finally) finished the Hexagon Blanket! 

Man, I realized far too late that hexagon motifs meant far more sides to sew together than a normal square. Stupid me... ;-) I used the mattress stitch for sewing the pieces together and quite like it! It shows less than most other stitches and the blanket lies flat. It still has to be blocked but here come some pre-blocking pics!

There are 4 different colors of Stylecraft's Life DK in this blanket plus an extra color for the border. The border is a simple sc border as I didn't want to take the light from the hexagons.

At some point I thought about making half hexagons to fill in the side but decided against it. For one think I really like this edgy look and second I ran out of yarn. Oops. 

The blanket will be a gift to a little boy who will be born around christmas. Perhaps he will even share my birthday? I mean, how cool would that be?? The mom quite likes the idea as the due date is the 24th and she would like to have her soon before or after christmas (in Germany the main day of the celebrations is the 24th).

The blanket stats:

Yarn - Stylecraft Life DK
Colors - Denim, Teal, Copper and Cranberry (Grey for the border)
No of Hexagons - 64 (16 of each color)

What is on your hook at the moment?

Take care

P.S. In case that you are wondering about the odd blog title, here comes the explanation:
In Germany there is a children's audiobook series called Bibi Blocksberg. It is about a young witch and whenever she casts a spell it ends with "Hex Hex". The sound of it popped into my mind when I wrote Hexagon and therefore it just HAD to become part of the title.  


  1. I still fight with joining my hexagons. ;)

  2. I liked your title even though I didn't know about the witchy story. Your blanket looks perfect with colours that are solid and bright to stimulate baby's imagination and yet dark enough to not show up any marks. Baby blankets do see some punishment sometiems. Your mattress stitch is so neat. That is my favourite stitch for tidy, flat seams and joins. It is always interesting to read explanations for design decisions and yours was funny too (oops! ran out of yarn - a very valid reason). I am sure the new baby and mum will love your gift. Good work, Anne! xx

  3. fantastic job, wonderfully finished!

  4. Anne this is gorgeous - what a great idea for a baby blanket and I love the colours :)