Saturday 10 September 2016

Blocking Adventures

Hi all!

2016 seems to be the year of the baby blankets! So many pregnant friends :) None of the little ones have been born yet but I sure can't wait to meet them (so far its 1 girl, 2 boys and 1 surprise). 

I finished another blanket last week and for the first time I blocked a blanket. My, what an adventure! I finally bit the bullet and bought blocking mats or rather play puzzles mats. There was a decently priced offer on eBay and I got two sets as one would have been too small for blankets. 

Blocking the blanket turned out to be a bit more tricky than I thought it would be. Well, I learnt from this experience I guess. 

There was no wash beforehand, instead I damped the blanket with spray water. It might have been easier to get the blanket into the right position if it had been wet. As you can see, I didn't quite manage neat sides but i guess it looks alright.

I had no proper blocking pins and used tiny fixing pins instead. Quite a few made acquaintance with my fingers before meeting their desired place... Does any of you know a good place to buy blocking pins from?! My fingers would love you forever...

By now I know one should start from the middle... I didn't. Ooppss. It seemed so much easier to do one side first and than the others. Lesson learnt. 

Oh well, next time... :P

The blanket was crocheted with the blanket stitch, the border is a simply linen stitch. The yarn is Stylecraft Life DK in 6 different colors (I can look the names up if anyone is interested but I don't have them at hand at the moment).

Have you tried blocking blankets yet? If so, what were your experiences???

Take care


  1. Hi Anne,
    Well done on your blocking. I was surprised that you hadn't blocked a blanket before. You gave some excellent tips here such as starting from the centre and for things with straight edges, it can be desirable to use 'blocking wires' which get threaded through the edges. I am yet to own a set (even though they are on my list and perfect for anything that needs a straight edge, and particularly lace and mesh); therefore, like you, I use pins, pins and more pins! I imagine T-shaped pins would be best because they wouldn't get lost in the stitches but I am yet to source some of those for myself too! I've survived so far with pins but it can be laborious.

    As for blankets, I have a fairly large blocking board which is really a pattern cutting board but it was cheap and affordable and does the job. Sometimes it isn't quite big enough for large or long items like blankets and scarves. Then I will usually block one half of the item at a time, making sure of the final measurements beforehand.

    Sometimes it is quicker to steam block than spray block but it depends on the fibre being blocked. My advice is not to disturb the item until it is fully dry and/or completely cooled off after steaming.

    Your blankets look so even and professional, especially this stripy one...well worth the blocking job. You should be proud of your first time blocking, Anne. Well done! :-) The recipients will love their blankets from you.

    All the best as you expectantly wait to meet the new arrivals! xx

  2. Beautiful blanket! We also seem to be in the midst of a baby epidemic - blankets ahoy! I love the colours and the border especially - I need border inspiration at the moment :)

  3. Never blocked anything bigger than a doily (for my shawls hanging them wet was enough, so far), so I'm not one who can give advice. Seems to me you did a great job though, and I love the colors and stitches you chose!