Friday 28 October 2016

Wedding Bliss


We had our religious wedding last week and man, it was bliss!! As you might remember, my husband and I got married last November but there was no big party and only our closest family as guests. This time, we had 60 guests + children and it was just wonderful.

 We don't have the photos from our photographer yet but I sparkled this post with some pictures taken by my uncle, my cousin and some mobile phone photos. :)

My wedding dress was a spur-of-the-moment buy... My husband and I were in Bremen in May and we weren't looking for dresses - in fact we were looking for coffee because we were tired. Well and then this dress popped into our vision (it was in the display window). We couldn't walk past it and went in. The ladies there weren't too willing to get it out of the window at first (I guess we didn't look like the kind of people who could afford a dress?!) but did it in the end. I tried the dress on and guess what... we bought it right away! 

You know what I loved best about the dress? The fact that my mum and sister had to use a crochet hook to close the dress. How cool is that??

The ceremony was in a small, very modern chapel at Haus Villigst - we fell in love with the chapel when we saw it and of course we had to get married there. :) The party was in an old industrial hall turned restaurant (Rohrmeisterei Schwerte). The food was amazing - my, good food is one of the most important things in weddings, isn't it? I wish I could have eaten more but as some point my stomach informed be there wasn't one little space left (not even for more dessert!)...

My mum and sister fabricated the most amazing candy bar. They baked all the cake pops and cakes themselves, there were m&m with our faces on it and all of our favorite sweets were included! YumYumYum! My mum also organized lots of toys for the kids (and the grown ups as it turned out :P) which were greatly enjoyed.

Unfortunately Michelle couldn't come due to the horrible CFS but all my Australian family and friends were there in spirit! We even got a letter signed from Lena (my... eh, Michelle's parents' cat)!! :D

It was a wonderful, wonderful day and I am so thankful for everyone involved! I will add pics from the photographer when they arrive to a later post!

Take care


  1. What a wonderful and memorable celebration. Your guests will certainly be remembering and talking about your wedding for a long time to come. Your mum and sister did an extraordinary job with their festive sweets and I am glad that there was a lot of fun amidst formalities.

    Your dress is perfect, your hair is amazing and you are so beautiful. What luck to have found your dress in the way you did - it was meant to be.
    Wishing you both many happy years together. xxx

  2. It looks beautiful Anne, a perfect, special day. Hx

  3. How lovely! Your dress is perfect and you look beautiful and very happy. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. x