Wednesday 14 December 2016

Star Blanket Love


How are you doing today? Guess what? I was down with a nasty cold again. Nothing new I know. Ugh, I feel like I can't catch a breath this year (or rather the last three years?). If any of you knows a great trick on how to avoid these colds, any advice is greatly appreciated!!

Since I have been feeling unwell, I haven't crocheted quite as much as I wanted to but still there was some good hooking time! I wish we had an open fire oven - that would make the crochet time so much more cozy, don't you think? My parents always had fireplace so I kinda miss it. Someday we shall have one too - I will make sure of this! :)

Lately I have been addicted to the star blanket pattern! It is so relaxing and the end result is stunning. This blanket is still a work in progress because I ran out of yarn. I sure wasn't expecting for one color to take more than 100gr of yarn but the last two colors do! I put in my order with Deramores some days back and it finally arrived after over three weeks. The parcels were sent to Sweden first (no idea why!), plus one of the parcels ripped and killed a skein. I am not to happy with the delivery and the packing - not sure I will order with them in the foreseeable future. It kind of depends on how long the replacement skein takes to get here...

Oh in case you are wondering: I am using Stylecraft Special DK and the blanket will have 8 colors in total. It will be a gift to a little boy/girl who will be born in April.

Oh and look at this adorable pic! The little boy was born in November and his mum send me this picture (which I am allowed to share). :) I love, love getting pics of my blankets in use!

I also finished this little charmer. The pattern is from Isabelle Kessedjian and very well written. I changed bit though as I hate to sew the head onto the body. Instead I worked the head pattern backwards, so I could continue crocheting from the body part. 

I hope you have a wonderful advent time!

Take care


  1. Love the star blanket. I used Deramores a few weeks back for the first time, my parcel was sent to wrong depot before coming on to me, took a week. Think I will stick with Wool Warehouse, never had any problem with them.

  2. Sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell, hope you get over cold soon. Your Star blankets look great, so nice to see your makes being used. Enjoy advent. Hx

  3. Your bunny is so cute. That was clever of you to work the head backwards to suit your mode of working.

    Sorry that you have been suffering with colds. Infection control is a big deal in my house. I doubt that I can offer you any new ideas about avoiding colds but for what it's worth, this is what I do:
    Hand washing is no. 1. Especially when entering the house after an outing.
    2. Immune system care - healthy whole foods, avoid processed foods, regular sleep pattern and regular exercise.
    3. Avoid crowds by minimising visits to major indoor shopping centres and avoiding public transport and places where people congregate closely, especially schools. Young children are a particular risk.
    4. No. 3 is not always practical so during cold season one can always wear scarves so it is easy to cover one's nose and mouth if necessary. It can be discreet and look like you are just keeping extra warm. Gloves help too
    5. Anyone with any symptom of illness is not allowed to enter my home.

    Keep warm, Anne. You could wrap yourself up on that pretty star blanket until the yarn arrives! ;-)

    Maybe some glühwein will help keep you warm at this time of year! ;-)

    May you be feeling better by Christmas Eve.
    Fröhliche Weinachten xxx