Monday 15 May 2017

Meet Noah, the Rhino!


How are you these days? I have been busy working on Michelle's super secret new blanket design for the last couple of weeks. Last week though, I decided it was time for a smaller project and so I went for a scroll through instagram and came across the designs from Trolleugen! Aren't her animals absolutely adorable?

I picked Noah, the Rhino, for my first project from her designs. Instead of buying the suggested yarns, I went for my yarn stash and found several skeins of Drops Cotton Merino which fitted Noah quite perfectly. 

The pattern isn't made in rounds but in separate pieces. For those who have been following my crochet adventures for some time, it will be no news that I hate sewing and it was no different with this project. The crochet part was perfectly fine and easy but I had my angry fits with the sewing parts. As one has to crochet into the sides and not only the loops, I wasn't (and still am not) too happy with the uneven joins as the joining yarn shines through and it doesn't look even in some parts. That isn't a problem of the pattern though - it is my hate of sewing and my love for neat edges. At the moment I am thinking how I can work this pattern in rows, so that there will be less sewing. I will sew on the eyes before the stuffing next time, that's for sure.

The finished rhino is very cute and I hope it will be well loved by its new owner. :)

Take care


  1. Every project is a new learning opportunity. I like that you have made new insights about your creating and yourself while reinforcing what you already know. I was like you-I hated sewing because my fingers are clumsy but it gets better with practice and is not so scary now. With toys,it is more important that the joins are sewn securely rather than neatly. When a child loves a toy, they love it whatever its condition.

    1. I wish I would get better! It feels like I am getting worse the more I practice! Just a feeling probably but still... :P