Friday 1 September 2017

Bye, bye, August!

Hi there!

Where has August gone? 

I feel like it just began and now it is over already. And with it the summer. When I leave for work, it's dark and the air smells like autumn. Don't get me wrong, I like autumn but I miss the long summer days with an early sunrise and a late sunset. It is funny that I seem to forget about the late sunrises every year and am surprised when they happen again. That said... Each spring I am delighted to notice the sun rising earlier and earlier every day, as I forgot during the winter time that I could leave the house in the morning in daylight. So I guess, I will get used to the dark mornings again too. Doesn't mean, I won't miss them of course. 

Work was really busy for the first two August weeks but it got a bit quieter afterwards which was really good. I was terribly exhausted after several weeks of working on a rather big project which is now over (well, mostly). I finally found the time to pick up my crochet hook for more then just a late evening a week afterwards and man, that felt great!

My dad's 62nd birthday would have been on the 17th. We drove up to Northern Germany to his grave and I can't even put in words how much I miss him. Almost two years since we lost him and the wound is still so fresh. I wish he was here.

After seeing my dad, the husband and I managed to squeeze in a mini-holiday in Hamburg. I gave him ticket to the new Elbphilharmonie and we saw an amazing concert where they played the James Bond music with a classical orchestra. Wow, just wow! It was stunning! The Elbphilharmonie itself is rather special too: the architecture is surprising and different, the sound is wonderful and so full. I can really recommend hearing a concert there and I hope we manage to get tickets again some day. Getting tickets is really hard as everyone wants to see the new opera house. 

I bought the tickets in February when we were waiting for our flight to Sydney at the airport. The whole ticket system basically collapsed when the tickets when on sale, so it was a nice surprise that I got through in the end! Captain Poprocks joined us in Hamburg of course and I think he drank a bit too much of the yummy coffee we had!

I am busy designing another amigurumi which kept my crochet time pretty occupied in August. The face still gives me troubles, so I wrote up the pattern and Michelle will see if she can do her magic! Fingers crossed! :) I have had this pattern in mind for a year at least, so I really hope it will work out in the end!

At the moment I am working on another corner to corner blanket! A dear friend of mine had her third child two weeks ago and somehow I always thought it would be boy. Well, it is not... A little girl was born and she needs a blanket which isn't completely blue! Usually I don't care about the "proper" colors for boys and girls but this time I felt that I wanted to make another blanket just for her! I will show you the complete blanket once it is done!

So now I am looking forward to September and I hope it won't fly by as fast as August did!

Take care


  1. I too can't believe summer is nearly over, I like autumn though - just not the fact that after it comes winter!
    Your baby blanket is so pretty, I'm sure baby and Mum will love it ❤️

  2. Yes, summer is almost over and August just flew by. Enjoy fall with all its colors.

  3. Hi Anne, I can relate to the exhaustion that comes from relentless work pressures. I'm glad you were able to get a break and do some nice activities to recover. Good luck with your pattern designing. You and Michelle are a great team.
    While your winter is looming, spring has definitely sprung in South Australia and with it, changes in daily routines.I'm not looking forward to summer. Too hot and hard to handle. I will dream about your European autumn!

    Take care and don't work too hard!