Saturday, 23 December 2017

Crochet Advent Meditation Part IV

Hello hello!

Christmas is almost here! Didn't time fly by? It certainly did for us.

We wish you a very merry Christmas with lot of wonderful hours with your loved ones (and yarn). :)

The Christmas Advent Meditation ends with today's post. We hope you enjoyed it and we would love to get your feedback and see your pictures as a christmas present. It makes our day whenever we find a new picture!!

Just like last week, there are three different ways to access the meditation:

Take care 
Michelle & Anne


  1. Loved doing this! Made them as a present for my neighbor.

  2. After all the stress I've undergone this year, especially in the lead-up to Christmas, this is something I should prioritise!

    1. It'll be available for the foreseeable future, so there's no rush :)