Saturday 21 April 2018

Magazine features!

Hi there!

Long time since the last blog post! Life is rather busy for both of us and somehow blogging always gets pushed towards the end of the to-do-list. We are (or at least try) are regularly on instagram, so hop over there if you want to see what we are currently working on (--> we are actually working on the same blanket at the moment - not just the same pattern but actually the same blanket!). I promise there shall be a blog post about it soon - remind us about it in case we forget. :)

This year has been pretty exciting for our little blog already and we haven't told you about it yet! We have been in two (!) crochet magazines! Man, we would have never thought we make it to one magazine let alone two!

Crochet Now ran a feature on our blog in the Stylecraft Blogstar column and also published a pattern of ours. We worked on the pattern together in true Crochet Between Worlds fashion: Anne came up with the idea, Michelle worked the pattern out and Anne crocheted the little lolly bag up. We hope you like the bag - unfortunately, I took no proper picture before I send it of to the magazine. Opps - there was a bit of a hurry in the end!

Inside Crochet published an interview with us in their issue 98. We haven't managed to get our hands on the issue yet (the "joys" of living on the other side of the world/in an non-English-speaking country) but we have seen the way the page looks like. :)

Has any of you seen us in one of the magazines? That would be so cool! It is still hard to believe we have actually been featured in magazines and that people would like to read about our story! :) 

Captain Poprocks wants me to mention that he was in the pictures as well - that little dive now thinks he is famous. Sighs - young hippos these days. As those you follow us for some time know of course, Captain Poprocks wasn't made by any of our patterns - the pattern for him is from the amazing Heidi Bears! Unfortunately that info didn't make it, so we would like to mention that here again. 

Take care


  1. How exciting! I haven't seen the magazines yet but would love to :) Glad all is well and you are both still designing!

  2. I've been keeping my eyes open for these mags but my local shop doesn't stock Crochet Now and I haven't seen the Inside Crochet yet. Will keep looking!