Saturday, 5 October 2013

A glorious Saturday in Sydney

Hello everybody! 

I'm Michelle! I live in Sydney with my husband Kiah and our tortoiseshell cat, Loki.  We have a lovely apartment on the Parramatta River, with a superb view over the city - good for fireworks we hope.  The weather today is simply glorious :)

I like to do lots of craft, but mostly cross-stitch and crochet. Because I am stuck at home most of the time with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I have lots of time to do crafty things, and I can pace myself so as not to overdo it.  I have recently discovered fractal cross-stitch, and I love the combination of mathematics and colour.

(Apologies for the reflecty pictures, it's too sunny today!)

As Anne said, I grew up in a house surrounded by craft.  My mother, Janelle and my grandmother, Shirley, have always had sewing and craft projects on the run all the time.  Shirley was a dressmaker by trade, and was famous in our area for her handmade and beaded wedding dresses.  She also made school uniforms and other clothes for many families.  Unfortunately, Shirley has developed dementia and is not able to do craft things anymore.

Janelle, however, always has at least 15 craft projects on hand.  Her passion at the moment is patchwork and quilting, although she is still piecing together blankets for Wrap with Love with squares knitted by her friends. A few months ago Janelle wanted to make a Bargello quilt.  I managed to convince her that we should start with something smaller and simpler to see how it works, and we made a big craft bag for me to carry my projects back and forth between our houses.  I think it came out really well!

I hope you enjoy reading our blog about our craft and cooking projects! I promise next time I will blog about crochet :P

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