Wednesday 16 October 2013

Berlin, train rides and cowl

Hello everybody!

Our first blog entry on the road… I am on my way to Berlin because of work. I need to give a small speech tonight and am thus in the train right now. Usually it would take about four hours from Dortmund to Berlin but today it takes little over five because there is construction work going on. As some of you might now there was a flood in Germany this summer and it destroyed some of the rail way lines. Unfortunately the rail way line to Berlin was among them. So in order to get to Berlin the train has to go via Magdeburg which takes the extra time. Big sigh. 

Long train rides are boring, don’t you think so? I already wrote some letters, reread my talk for tonight and read some information about the organization I will talk to tonight. Still, there are three hours left. I wasn’t supposed to go to Berlin but a colleague is sick and thus I am on my way. 

Train rides are good for people watching though. Right now I am surrounded by older people. Must the time (midday). The lady on the other side of the table is going to Vietnam next week. I am a bit jealous… The guy next to me however is def. sick and someone needs to teach him how to use a tissure. Also he is eating with his mouth wide open... Eekk.

I have been to Berlin a few times already which is a good thing, I guess, since I won’t have time to look around this time. I will try and snap some pictures for the blog though. That is if the weather will be better. So for it looks like I should buy an umbrella at Berlin main station…

This weekend I was sick of blankets and snowflakes (which I crocheted a lot) and decided to go for a cowl. I had some spare bulky wool lying around which was supposed to become shoes someday. Oh well, more wool shopping if I want to make shoes. What a pity. ;-)

It’s a very easy pattern and it works up very quick. I think I did some dc lines when I should have done hdc and vice versa but I don’t think one can see… Also: Who would know what it should look like anyway? I already wore it a couple of times and it is so nice and warm! The fact that it can be converted to a hood is a bonus. 

I had some troubles with the beginning chain; that is the joining. My chain was always twisted no matter what I tried! So annoying! But I really, really wanted to have that cowl so I kept on trying. In the end I got help on Youtube. Seems like I am not the only one with the twisting chain problem… Alex, my boyfriend, was rather amused by the video (5 minutes about one chain!) but it helped! Hurray! I was surprised by the sheer amount of crochet videos on Youtube! A big thanks to all those who upload videos to help people like me!

My next project will be a beanie and I will go for a pullover after that. I am not very happy with the quality of the pullovers the shops sell right now and so I can spent the money on some nice wool instead. Drops has a 25 % off sale going on (for alpaca yarns), so when the next pay cheque arrives in my account I will go shopping. Since I started my new job I get paid in the middle of the month, so if I am lucky the money will be there when I return from Berlin tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

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