Friday, 7 February 2014

Planes, ferries and walking shoes

Success today! I usually hate shopping for anything that isn't food or food related (and even for those things I have a specific list and targeted attack plan), but I desperately needed new shoes.  I tend to find a style of shoe that I like, buy three pairs in different colours and then proceed to wear them out completely.  Sadly, my last pair of Diana Ferrari Texas that I bought about 5 years ago finally bit the dust, and the hunt was on.  Fortunately, it only took 10 minutes in Myer and we were out! And there was even a $20 discount!

I've had some good success with crochet toys recently too.  Just when I felt like we were getting up to date with orders, our popularity has exploded again and 8 new orders came in over the last week.  I just had enough time to try out the Eddie Lives The Dream pattern from the wonderful Heidi Bears and although I didn't have time to do the zebra (and didn't really want to anyway), the plane itself came out really well :) Zoom zoom zoomity zoom!

This evening we went on a stroll about the riverbank near our apartment.  The Parramatta River runs through the middle of Sydney, from the Harbour to Parramatta, which is now close to the geographical centre of the city. Where we live at Meadowbank is where the river starts to get shallower, and sometimes the ferries have difficulty getting past the Meadowbank Ferry Wharf!

I love how the tree roots have grown around and through the loose rocks! 

The Sydney sandstone has such lovely colour variations.  I also find it interesting how the rocks that are within the tidal area are worn in straight lines parallel to the river.  Maybe a geologist can explain it to me!

The colours from the sunset looking west down the river towards Parramatta:

And a blurry picture of us!

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