Wednesday 26 February 2014

Poncho and Super Fast Zpagetti Container

Hello there!

A couple of weeks ago I showed a red lump which should be my poncho at some point... Well, it is not a WIP-project anymore!

I more or less followed this pattern. None of my stitch count matches up with the pattern because I used a different yarn. So in the end I only used the pattern for the general idea and the size.

The poncho is very soft and I love wearing it. It tends to leave little red fluff thingies everywhere though but I don't mind much. What I like best about the poncho is the cowl-neck. Keeps me warm and feels so nice.

The overall yarn cost was rather high but worth it. I have some left overs and so I am thinking about making matching wrist warmers or a hat. We'll see.

The last weeks have been incredible busy, so there wasn't much time or energy for hooky-plays. I did however whip up a Zpagetti basket last night because I needed a tin for my hooks. And yes... I have a lot of them. Why? I tend to loose the 3.5,4.0 and 4.5 hooks and it's cheaper to buy a whole set than individual needles. Opps.

The basket is so easy and it takes like no time to make.

Super Fast Zpagetti Container


Start with a magic circle.

Rd 1: 8 sc in the circle. Close with a sl stich.
Rd 2: Chain one, 2 sc in every stich. Close with a sl stich.
Rd 3: Chain one, [1 sc in the next stich, 2 sc in the next] x  8 times. Close with a sl stich.
Rd 4: Sc in the back loop of every stich around.
Rd 5: Chain one. Sc in ever stich around. Do not close but continue working in spiral.
Rd 6-8: Sc in every stich (in spiral!). 
Finish with a sl stich.

Anyway, I need to go to work!

Take care everyone!

~ Anne ~


  1. You know needlework doesn't run in the family? The other day I tried to teach myself the basic technique of crocheting... and I BROKE the hook! :-D

  2. the hook must have been of poor quality! come to Dortmund and i willteach you!

  3. Are you indicating I should stop buying stuff at the 1 Euro store...?

    1. So I broke the 2 mm hook last week too. Sigh.

      When are you coming to see me???? I heard you are not coming to Emi's birthday party but Dortmund is a lot closer anyway....

  4. would never do that... haha! of course i would!
    You get a whole set of 16 good bamboo hooks on Amazon for 12 Euro, bettter quality and more durable. i only broke the 1.25 hook once...
    Whem are you coming to visit???