Sunday, 1 June 2014

Villigster Decken Part Two


A couple of weeks I told you about the project "Villigster Decken"... The blanket is not yet finished but it will be soon (next week is Pentecost-Weekend after all).

Over the last weeks, parcels filled with little colourful patches arrived at work. I squealed with delight everytime my colleague handed me another parcel (she knew how much I love to open these parcels, so she didn't open them as she usually has to do with all the mail. Yay!).

Right now there are 128 patched in total. Pretty cool, ey?

I spent most of today sewing in tails and blocking the patches. I am a bit scared of the sewing them togehter process because a lot of the patches are slightly different in size but i have faith it will work out...

Then I will sew them together and add a border. The border will be white (I think - any better ideas?). I haven't yet decided about the kind of border but I am considering a wavey one. Also, I might add an extra row in the same colour to all the patches, but I am not sure that a) I will have the time and b) that it will work out for the knitted patches. The internet holds several ressoures on how to add a crochet border to knitted patches but I am not sure I can do it (just now). What do you think?

But now... Some impressions!

I will post a picture of the finishes blanket soon!

How much money will it raise - what do you think??

Take care

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