Friday 2 January 2015

Resolutions for 2015 and Crafty Skills to learn this year!

Hello you lot!

Happy New Year! May it be a wonderful, healthy and crafty 2015! 

Did you have nice celebrations for New Year ('s Eve)? The boyfriend and I celebrated with good friends. We had awesome Raclette and at midnight we didn't even have to leave the flat to see tons of firework (the benefits of living on the 5th floor). The fireworks lasted til 1:30 am and started long before midnight. Some people have far too much money to invest it in that many fireworks!

I do have some resolutions for 2015... Fingers crossed they will work out for me!

No 1: Dawanda is like like Etsy and a big thing in Germany. I have some blankets and little other things which I would like to put out on the market. Not sure they will sell but it seems worth the try (as I will be able to buy more yarn that way). It is on my top 5 resolution list because I plan to open this shop since over a year and haven't dared so far!

No 2: Life seems to run past me every now and than. Plus I have the feeling  I am forgetting things. Thus I figured I should give a daily planner another try. I bought this printable planner from Thyme is Honey. It covers lots of things - hopefully it will work for me! Do you use a planner?

No 3: I am not as fit as I wish to be and this has to be changed. Whenever I am fit, I feel more energetic and I long for that feeling! Therefore I want to go to the gym again! Unforntunatly, this resolution hasn't worked out yet, as I am sick (AGAIN!). Hopefully soon though!

No 4: We got a blender from the In-Laws for christmas and it's perfect for smoothie making. According to the internet green smoothies are rather healthy. I don't believe in all the magic prescriped to them, but more greens and fruits can't hurt either. Plus it's a nice breakfast for someone who usually forgets breakfast!

No 5: We own far too much stuff! And stuff is the right word... as it is stuff which just clutters the flat and is never used! We already started to give things to charity last year and it feels good to have less things in the flat. There is still lots and it will be a journey to downsize/declutter the household in 2015!

Of course there are lots of crafty things I want to learn  in 2015 too! For once, I finally want  to be able to use the sewing maschine beyond straight lines. I have seen so many dresses on the internet which I love and I really want to make them! So I ordered Love at First Stitch from Tilly Walnes.The book hasn't arrived yet but hopefully it will be in the mailbox next week!

Some weeks ago I bought a used cricut explorer. The Cricut is a cutting maschine and I am excited to see what it can do! It arrived just before we left for Stockholm and so far, I didn't have the chance to try it... I am really looking forward to it though!

What are your plans for 2015?

Hope your day is full of smilies and love!


  1. Happy New Year! Some of those resolutions apply to me as well! I love your little souvenir baubles and the sunset photo. Wishing you well for 2015 :)
    Cathy x

  2. Happy new year to you too :)
    Opening a dawanda shop, I like it, I haven't dared yet either but who knows what the year will bring. Good luck on all your resolutions

  3. I broke my blender last year just as I was starting to experiment with smoothies. I didn't make any resolutions this year, but I like yours. On the planner thing, I do make plans but not in a special planer, more like lists and notes here and there, but it's a good thing. I love your Christmas balls :) I also want to use my sewing machine more, I got it last year for Christmas. Haven't used it enough, but it is fun to do. I also want to crochet more things for myself and my home this year so I guess I do after all have a few resolutions in the end. Take care and have a great year, who knows maybe we will run into each other in Dortmund this year.

  4. Bonne année and good luck with your resolutions!
    Lucie xxx

  5. Oh so many interesting resolutions !!! For the clutters ... I understand and it's not easy and not an exciting thing to do !!! Well for the shop, I'm sure you'll sell some things ! Your work is nice so ... you should dare to open it as soon as possible ! I love your baubles ... very nice idea to get one from the places you probably have gone !!! Take care too and all the best for 2015 ! Hugs !!

  6. I like your resolutions. I have had friends encouraging me to sell my crochet online but whether to do it on Etsy or elsewhere is the question and then the learning curve - how much energy/time will it take? do I have it?
    Planners are like clothes - it can take a while to find the perfect fit for your personality and lifestyle. Keep trying different systems until you find one that fits.

    I would be lost without my planners! I have a large A3 (double A4 spread) month open on my desk for the 'grand view' and an A5 day to a page that I take everywhere (the A5 does extra duty as a health diary and an 'everything book'). The big desk diary has the entire family's appointments as well as my own, and the A5 one I use for daily planning-Just 5 mins at the end of the day, to jot down my plans for the next-and when I am out at appointments etc.

    The diary downloads you have chosen are very attraciive. Which format did you choose? I like the way it allows for different areas of your life as you have explained: to do lists, health etc.

    You are a crocheter - you want to declutter - I am not yet convinced that these two things can go together! hehehehe

    Good luck with all of your resolutions in 2015! xxx

  7. Happy new year. I would like to do a bit of decluttering too (have made a small start) but don't want it to stop me crocheting!