Tuesday 6 January 2015

Snippets of a Lake Holiday

Hello everyone! I'm finally back from Christmas holidays at the new lake house :) While I haven't had very good internet access, I've very much enjoyed reading all your lovely comments on Anne's posts - she's definitely been picking up the slack for me over the break.

I'm afraid it's mostly a picture post from me today, as I am madly hooking up the border to my Rainbow Bargello Twist and Turn Afghan so I can bring you a full pattern, instructions and (correct) graph on Friday! 

If you follow my Wrapped with Love page on Facebook, or on Instagram, you'll have seen this riot of colour growing over the last two weeks! I met my goal of finishing the body of the blanket before the end of the holiday, now I have just three more rows of border to go before washing, blocking and loads of photos :) I had a pretty good spot to work on it while on holidays though.

Since you've all seen photos of the lake house already as part of my birthday shenanigans, I thought today I'd share with you some of my favourite things about the house, that I have particularly appreciated on this holiday! In no particular order, I love:

1. The spectacular view, and all the comfortable places to sit :) 

2. We still managed that great Aussie tradition of backyard cricket, but the outfield was a little damp.

3. The artwork we commissioned in Vanuatu is up on the wall, in the perfect place.

4. The kitchen is enormous and wonderful and I love it, even when my Dad is being a cheeseball :P Plus there's plenty of space on the main level for us to keep out of each others' way - after two weeks together this was very important! 

(Apologies for the mess, we were starting to pack up to go home)

5. My very clever sister organised a cool entry feature panel, with handprints of us and our friends who have come to stay at the house.

6. Actually, this one might be a favourite. On the original plans, the front door looked straight into the bathroom - hardly good feng shui, or even nice to look at. My sister amended the plans to move the door around the corner, and then hid it in the panelling. How to tell whether it's occupied or not? Just look at the lock! It says "Vacant" or "Engaged" just like a public toilet :) This might sound silly, but when we have a houseful of people who all have different conventions at home for bathroom door open or closed when not in use, it is MUCH easier than there being a queue formed and people potty-dancing about the place, and then discovering that there was noone in there all along...

Happy New Year everyone! 
And make sure to check back Friday for the 
Rainbow Bargello ta-dah and pattern :) 


  1. You have a wonderful view and it looks so relaxing. I can now understand how you have managed to make so many squares in such a short time. I only just discovered your FB page these holidays and was delighted to see your progress pics but I am looking forward to reading the story here as I am not a big Facebooker when it comes to crochet and craft.

  2. Now, that afghan looks amazing! Seens like you had a great time on your holidays, and your house pics are great.
    Happy New Year, even though I'm quite late! xx

    1. Thank you Valentina! I was pretty late with New Years greetings as well :P