Tuesday 2 June 2015

Crochet for the new Kitten!

Good evening!

It is no secret I am a bit of a cat lover. A little less than a year ago, our beloved cat, Findus, who lived at my parents' place, died. You might remember me donating money for a yarn shop in Peru in his honour last July. We all still miss him heaps and whenever I am at my parents' house, I still look out for him.

This weekend, my parents decided to adopt a baby kitten. So, next Sunday they will pick up a little Norwegian wildcat/forest cat - the little boy kitten has no name yet as there is a bit of a name ranking game going on. I haven't seen the little one in person yet (thus no proper pics for you) but the few pics I got on my mobile look adorable! Very cuddly and playful.

As you might guess, the whole family is busy preparing for the arrival. My sister had the idea that I could (=should) crochet things for the new family member and I am quite fond of the idea. As I only got the news about the new kitten last night, I had no time to start the crochet magic bbbuutt I can show you my top three favourite patterns for cats I found online!

1. A Cat Cave

Pic by Eilen Tein

Cats love good hiding places and this pattern from Eilen Tein/Hanne Katajamäki looks pretty perfect to me. Plus I have tons of spare t-shirt yarn which will be perfect for this cat home.

2. Amigurumi Sardines Cat Toy 

Pic by Lion Brand
I've never seen a toy like this in the stores, so this looks like a great idea! Yummy fish without the smelly fish breath after the kitten plays with it!

 3. Tons of crocheted mice

Pic by Melbangel

Findus simply adorrreedd his pet mice but he usually clipped off the tail within seconds. So, the new kitten shall get crochet mice with sturdy tails instead of the store bought ones. This pattern looks perfect for left over yarn, don't you think?

Do you crochet for your pets too?

Take care


  1. Oh it seems to me that the new kitten needs all of these potential crochet makes!!! How cute - kitten and crochet!! xx

  2. Yes, I've crocheted a few cat toys for Clover and made catnip-filled fish and birds from scraps of fabric for her for Christmas. She goes mad for the smell! The new kitten is so very sweet, and I'm sure he'll appreciate some crocheted presents. I love the cat-cave! :)
    Cathy x

  3. I love your new kitten - gorgeous. The cat cave looks really good. And the toys too. I would crochet a blanket for our dog but she would have it torn to shreds in no time.

  4. Such a gorgeous kitten. All the makes for sure for such a cutie but the cat cave has to be my favourite. x

  5. Awww, the kitten looks so cute! I'm looking forward to your crochet cat home! :)

  6. Enjoy the new family member when he arrives. Do you think you will have made some of those things by then? The cat cave looks great. I wonder whether the opening is small enough to be cosy for a cat but large enough to turn the cave inside out for cleaning. I look forward to the official introduction when he moves in with you. How exciting, Anne! :-)

  7. oh so nice kitty !!! well you know I'm a cat lover too and that I knit blankets for my cat and for the cats in shelters !!! Give him many many cuddles for me ....

  8. A darling cat cave and crochet toys! There is a whole world of cat love and it is pretty.

  9. Oh Anne the kitten is absolutely gorgeous! How very lucky he is to have found you, such beautiful gifts for him to enjoy, he will be so cosy and loved! xx

  10. Really cute! Cute cat and cute crocheting!
    Gonna save this post :-)