Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Busy August Days

Hello you!

I shall start with exciting news: Our little blog hit the 100.000 hits mark in total. I know that this is not much for many blogs but it is a lot for us! :) Thank you for your visits, your hits and of course your lovely comments!

We spent the last couple of days at my parent's house in Northern Germany. I might have mentioned that my dad is quite ill, so it was good to spend time with my parents. There were some doctor's appointments as well and along with visiting friends, it kept us busy. Oh and I can't forget Pelle, my parent's baby cat. Such a cutie!! She was quite fond of my yarn though... I fear some of the yarn is now covered in cat drool. Oops.

I am pattern testing for Michelle. It is such a lovely idea she came up with and I enjoy trying out the pattern - had to learn several new stitches though! Rest assured though: I managed. :P I also tried the join-as-you go method for the first time and after several fails, I can now do it. At first I did the slip stitch from the wrong side and thus the seam was so bulky! All fixed now! My main color is black while Michelle used white: I am excited to see how different the two works will look!

Next week I shall give a five-day class about neo-medievalism. I know what I want to teach but there is heaps of preparation involved, so I guess there won't be much crochet this weekend. Sighs. 

How will you spend your weekend?

Take care


  1. Congrats on your hits!! Your testing for Michelle looks similar to the latest blanket I am making, I shall be interested to see if she has had the same idea! :-) x

  2. Congratulations! My blog is even smaller and I was excited to get 5.000 hits :-) So I understand that you are glad with 100.000!
    I wish your father all the best, hoping he will recover soon...
    Good luck with the preparation of your class, like your crochet testing!

  3. Congratulations on your blogging milestone! Well done!
    I am sad to learn of your father's illness this week. It is good that you are able to be close to your parents at this time. Many families are separated by vast distances. I hope your appointments were smooth and easy and did you get much crochet done in the waiting room? ;-)
    No time for you to get bored, is there with pattern testing and teaching? :-) Wishing you success with your forthcoming classes. Take care, xxx

  4. oh no! all the best for your father! My mother is ill too, so I know how it feels to have a sick parent. I hope he will get well soon! All the best!

  5. I hope that all will be as well as it can be for your Dad. Congrats on the blogging milestone! xx

  6. Félicitations pour vos 100 000 !!!
    And thank you so much for sharing stuff on your blog

  7. Congratulations on this blogging milestone! It is a lot, be assured. I hope that your father is getting better soon, it is always worrying when one of your family members is not well, isn't it? I wonder what you are testing for Michelle, it looks intersting. I don't have much crochet time this weekend, either. School is starting tomorrow and we have to get everything in order. Back to routine. Viola

  8. Well done on all your blog hits...that's fantastic. Hoping you father is feeling better soon.
    Marianne x

  9. I'm going to a wedding this weekend so I hope the weather will be good. I'll be bringing my crochet with me on the trip - to do in the car.

  10. Hello Anne, great news to have reached so many views, congratulations!!!! Very happy for both of you. Michelle's new pattern looks great, I love these colour combinations!!
    Hope your dad is feeling better. Tomorrow is a big day, my youngest daughter is leaving home. We are helping her to move to Gent where she will study. So it will be a busy time!
    Enjoy your weekend!!
    Ingrid xx

  11. Which join as you go method do you use? Congrats on the likes!

    1. Slipstitch into the adjoining dc after every dc :)