Thursday 20 August 2015

Summer Mosaic & Around the Bases CALs - Update #3

Hello everyone! 

It's that time of the week again - see how my CALs are going at the moment :) 

This week was popcorn week! ChiChi suggested doing the popcorns in a different colour to the rest of that row/section, and who am I to refuse to learn a new skill. Since I'm doing this CAL as a stashbuster, the popcorns were a great opportunity to use up some smaller scraps. 

Lots of popcorn colours! Green, three different purples, and blue :) 

I really love how this afghan is coming out so far - bring on next week!! 

This week we paused work on the large circle motifs to make some squares! I did have to make one little change to the pattern - in Row 5 I had to change the long stitches in the corners to dtr, otherwise there was no way the poor thing was going to sit flat.

I haven't done any blocking yet - I will just do that at the end when the blanket is all put together (or not, it might even out nicely by itself!). 

I suspect at this point that the circular motifs will become octagonal, and then the squares will be in the centre two positions. We shall see if I'm right over the next 4 weeks! 

And the rest

I've put aside the CALs and the order pile for the moment to try and get a prototype baby blanket done! Cross your fingers for me that I can work fast enough, and also get the instructions written in an understandable way ;) Photos soon!

What projects have captured your attention this week?


  1. All very nice! Especially the first one!
    Good luck with the baby blanket prototype...

  2. I love your Around the Bases blanket. Your colour palette is working out nicely and I do like to highlight textural elements with contrasting colours.
    Is this typical of your busy mind to race ahead to predict the fate of the Summer Mosaic Mystery? It's cool that you are brave enough to raise your suspicions out loud already because now you have me thinking that you are probably right (unless the designer reads your blog and changes things at the last minute just to keep you guessing!)
    When you design your baby blanket, will you be designing it with a CAL possibility in mind? I admire your ability to achieve so many things with your crochet.
    I am looking forward to your next rounds and doing the same as you - trying to predict what your next colour might be (maybe yellow for the Around the Bases)? I guess we can't help ourselves, hey? ;-)
    Have fun! Stay well. xxx

    1. I am always trying to see the outcome of anything that I'm working on :P I figure the designer has already decided what will happen, and if I'm wrong then I'm happy to cop to that! It's just a guess at the moment :)

      I hadn't even thought of having a CAL with the baby blanket! This design doesn't really lend itself, but maybe the next thing on my design list... hmm. You've inspired me!

      The colours for the ATB are working really well for me too! I am never very confident with colour choices, so it is both liberating and frightening to be doing it randomly ;)

    2. For someone who does so much crochet, you genuinely surprised me with your uncertainty about colour choices. That is the last thing I expected to read from you but we all have our own strengths, weaknesses, talents and special interests. Use the world around you as a guide - nature is a fantastic colour tutor. I am glad the ATB colours are pleasing you. :-)
      Keep up the good work and I hope you are well. Take it easy xxx

  3. The around the bases CAL looks so tempting, I'm struggling not to join in and your version is beautiful.

  4. The first afghan reminds me of those colorful Mexican tiles. Lovely!

    1. Thanks Dee! I love it too - it's going to be great for a light summer blanket :)

  5. They both look lovely, I like the different coloured popcorns. Hx

  6. Your crochet WIPs look so beautiful, you are a really active and talented crocheter. I especially love your colour combinations. I wish I would be able to crochet that much. But I am a very slow crocheter, as well. But soon I will be able t oshow a little piece of work, as well. Viola

    1. Thank you Viola! I look forward to seeing your work :)