Tuesday 3 November 2015

Colourful Upcoming Projects (CUPs?)

Hi everyone! 

The fatigue has been kicking my butt again, so I've had lots of super boring time to think about all the crochet projects I have planned... Hopefully I'll have time and energy to actually do them soon! All photos below are from the pattern pages or Facebook, unless otherwise marked :)

1. Around the Bases CAL by Keitopalette (ChiChi Allen)

My ATBCAL is still tootling along. Next week I'll get some good photos in the daylight to show you :)

2.  The Quirky Cardigan by The Little Bee (Alia Bland)

(c) The Little Bee NZ
There's no pattern available for this one yet, but isn't it gorgeous! I'm lucky enough to test the elephant size for Alia - I've ordered Jawoll Magic yarn to do it in! This will definitely be my most expensive project yet. These are the colours I chose : 

3. Twig the African Flower Snowman by Heidi Bears Designs 

This little guy is super cute! I'm hoping to have time to make a few before the Christmas market we are going to in early December.

4. Rainbow Sock Monkey by One and Two Company (Carolina Guzman)

Isn't he gorgeous!? This one is for a customer order, but depending on how difficult the pattern is I might need to make a few more :P

5. More Heart Teddies! 

My teddy-making addiction is getting a bit out of hand :P I have 6 finished, and another one nearly finished. They are just so easy to make! I think they will sell well at the Christmas Market :) 

Next week I'll have a much better update - I have some wonderful projects to share with you that just aren't quite ready, and a very special story about my grandmother's crafty talents. Plus, we will be getting ready for Christmas Crochet Class in mid-December very soon!

 Share your easy Christmas-themed patterns in the comments! 


  1. Wow, you sound as though you have a busy month ahead of you! I hope that the fatigue settles down soon. x

  2. I really like that wee cardigan.

    1. Me too! I'll be sure to blog about making it, and share the pattern link with you all once it's published :)

  3. They're such cute projects - the rainbow sock monkey appeals to me even though I have never been a 'sock monkey kind of girl'! Re. fatigue: you and me both. What do you put it down to? Extra work commitments? I hope you are not getting overexcited about your Melbourne trip planning. It is such a delicate balance. I am putting my fatigue war down to spring's changeable weather and hospital treatments. I'm sorry that you are battling at the moment. It is frustrating to have all that thinking time and no energy to do anything with it! I get a lot of creative ideas during those times but struggle to note them. Often I try to remember them in vain when I am well enough to take action. I hope you are back up to speed soon. I can't wait to see your take on these projects but in the meantime, good rest xxxx

    1. Thanks Jodie! I think it is definitely too many work commitments to fit with the other things going on at the moment as well, like theatre and birthdays and such whatnot. I've been plugging away at a few crochet things - so glad that Anne's teddy pattern is so easy! My hands can nearly do it without my brain having to be involved at all. I hope you are feeling more perky again soon! I never realised how much energy weather changes took until I had so little energy with which to deal with them... xxx