Friday 6 November 2015

Crochet ...ehh... sport injuries

Hi there!

Sorry again for being so absent. Life is crazy here in Germany at the moment. Some good things, some bad things. Most days I feel like life is ten steps ahead of me and I am trying to catch up. This as a short warning not to take me to seriously in this post...

So, let's talk about crochet "injuries". The other day, Michelle and I were chatting and we were quite convinced that injuries obtained by obsessive crocheting must be considered sport injuries. After all, it involves a fast, repeated movement of the hands and arms, so it must be a sport and therefore crochet injuries are sport injuries. Don't you agree?

I got two crochet ehh sport injuries at the moment:

(1) Opening a parcel with yarn and piecing my finger with a knife while trying to do so.

(2) Extensive teddy making with a small hook and lots of tension to keep the holes small lead to  bruising and calculus on my middle finger. That is the finger which stops the crochet hook after I put it through the stitch.

Among my previous injuries was a golfer's arm, a chopped finger nail and a sore neck. Boys and girls, doesn't this show that crochet is officially hardcore? :D

What do you have to add to the list?

Take care and happy crocheting


  1. I have a callous on one finger from crocheting! Seems as though crochet injuries are more common than we might think! I hope that things get less frantic for you! xx

  2. Oh dear! Crochet should be fun, not painful! I can hear the conversation now about how crochet can be a 'sports injury'. You girls make me laugh :-)
    I do hope life slows down enough for you to feel all caught up again soon.
    Take it easy xx