Thursday, 20 July 2017

July Stylecraft Blogstars Meetup!

Hey everyone!

It was a freezing cold July evening for me, and a lovely sunny Saturday morning for Anne, when we skyped in to our very first Stylecraft Blogstars meeting!! Some of the photos in this post were taken by us, and some by Stylecraft :)

I live just down the road from another Blogstar, Angela from Get Knotted Yarn Craft, so we decided this was too good an opportunity to miss - hanging out together squishing wool, crocheting and chattering! The Captain even came along for the fun; he just can't miss a party, even if it's just two of us drinking tea in the kitchen :P 

There were 5 bloggers joining in from outside the UK - us and Angela (of course), plus Polly Plum from Every Trick on the Hook, and Zelna from Zooty Owl. After the usual technical difficulties (fortunately there was a handsome young man available to assist at Stylecraft!) we got underway! 

It was incredibly awesome to put voices to faces to names of some bloggers that we really love reading! Plus, who can have too many crochet friends? Attending the meetup in person were Lucia from Lucia's Fig Tree, Sandra from Cherry Heart, Julia from Hand Knitted Things, Helen from Josiekitten, Phil from The Twisted Yarn, Sarah from Annaboo's House, Catherine from Catherine's Crochet Corner, Kathryn from Crafternoon Treats, Heather from The Patchwork Heart and Emma Varnam. Sadly Lucy from Attic24 and Jane Crowfoot weren't able to come along - next time, ladies!

Next was what we were waiting for - a preview of the next season's yarn releases, both new yarns and new colours of existing yarns! There's not a lot we can talk about yet, but watch this space.

Annabelle and Emma took us around on the laptop to tour the room that was set up as the showroom for the day - so many pretties!!! Lucia brought a whole bunch of her blankets which were just glorious to see "in person" (rather than still photos) and there are some amazing upcoming designs to look forward to!

The last part (for us overseas people) was an awesome opportunity to play in piles of yarn. We were so glad to have all the little squares of Special DK colours as this made it so much easier to come up with colour combinations for a super secret upcoming thing! Even the Captain got in on the action :P

Overall we had a good time, mostly meeting the other wonderful Blogstars, and after disconnecting from Stylecraft (it was lunchtime in the UK, and the none of us felt up to learning tatting by teleconference!) we overseas bunch decided we would get together on Skype more regularly, as it was just so lovely to catch up, chat and crochet together! 

I think I've used up my entire monthly allowance of exclamation marks (!!) in this post!! :D 

Next Week - we're publishing our first pattern designed with our Blogstars yarn from Stylecraft, the intriguing Mystique yarn!


  1. Love to see the photos! Amazing experience it seems. And awesome to be able to get together via Skype. :) Can't wait to see the Mystique pattern.

  2. Hello, all! I am making Frida's Flowers blanket, and block 2 is giving me a very hard time. Is there someone out there who is willing and able to help me?

    1. Hi Nikki! I just saw your message on Ravelry - will reply there xx

  3. Michelle and Anne, "Wow!"
    (!!!!!!!! there you go - some more exclamation marks for you!)

    How lucky to have the use of Skype technology etc. for such a fun and wonderful activity. I am still swooning over that photo of blankets - so many beautiful blankets. If I am still swooning now and that was just a photo, be ready to catch me if I am ever in the same room as those blankets - I might just faint to be immersed in the beautiful colours and textures.

    This post is proof of the supportive and friendly nature of the yarn community. That truly makes collaborative projects so special. Good luck with your new plans. I can't wait to see what's around the corner from you all.

    Thank you too for introducing me to some bloggers who have been unfamiliar to me up to this point. Wishing you all the best with all of your activities. Have fun! (I know you will!) xxx