Tuesday 21 November 2017

Advent Meditation - Getting Ready

Hi there!

This Advent we bring something special to you: An Advent Meditation. 

We love Advent, the time before Christmas but we do know that it can be a very hectic and stressful time. So why add something to do during this time, you might ask. Well, we had the idea that because life is so hectic during these days, it is all the more important to take some time to calm down and to focus. So, the idea of the Advent Meditation was born.

For us, crochet can be like a meditation, that is a time where you live in the moment because you focus on the task at hand and don't let your mind wonder. However, when one follows a written pattern, it is very easy to get distracted (hello phone, hello family, hello housework... you get the picture). It is also easy to skip ahead, to read ahead and thus not focus on the task as hand (in this case the row or round you are working on). While thinking about this dilemma, Michelle had the idea of a crochet meditation podcast, that is, a pattern which can only be heard but not read. The pattern is read out in the podcast and one has to crochet the rows/rounds as one listens to the instructions. No worries, it is not read at super speed but at a decent crochet time (we had it tested). 

We will post the links and extra information for each meditation here on the blog, so make sure to come back by the 2nd of December!

Part 1 can now be found here.
Part 2 can be found here


What will we crochet?
A set of 4 different coasters. So there can be another nice side effect (aside from taking some time for yourself to relax) - you will crochet a coaster set which you could give away as a Christmas present!

Will there we a written pattern or a graph?

There will be no written pattern. There will be no graph. There will be nothing which you can see. Nada. You will have to listen to create the pattern. 

How do I participate?

28.11: Attention! We won't have a iTunes download after all. If everything works out, you will be able to download the podcast from our blog. Please check back on the 2.12. to find the link/download!

Then you will have to find the time to listen and crochet as you listen to the meditation.

What do I need?

About 100g of DK/8 ply cotton yarn. We recommend you use cotton yarn and if you are in a festive mood, you might want to choose christmas-y colors. We both used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in the following three colors: Poppy, Ivory and Leaf. You will also need a 4mm crochet hook, scissors and a yarn needle. 

How many meditation podcasts will there be?

Four. One in each week of Advent.

How long is each podcast?

Each podcast is less than 30 minutes long - Michelle can make three or four of each coaster in that time so we are confident you will be able to make one! 

When will the meditation podcasts be published?

Each Saturday of Advent: 2.12., 9.12., 16.12., 23.12.

Will there be pictures of the coasters available beforehand?

No. We want you to focus on the process and not to think ahead what might come next. We fear that a picture might be a distraction. We will probably publish pictures one or two days after the podcast episode was released. 

Can I post pictures of my finished items?

Of course! In fact, please do - we looovvee to see what you made with our patterns. If you're on instagram or Facebook, use the hashtag #cbwadvent so we can find your pictures easily.

Are the patterns hard to follow?

No, at least we don't think so. They are suitable for intermediate beginners. That is, you need to know how to crochet the basic stitches and be able to crochet at a steady pace. Don't forget you can always pause the podcast to catch up, or rewind and listen again. 

Which crochet terms will you use?

U.S. crochet terms. 

What if I find a mistake in the pattern?

Please contact us right away, so we can start a errata list. We try very, very hard not to have any mistakes in the pattern but oh well, it might happen. 



  1. This sounds very interesting and mysterious, I will have to get my daughter to help me get itunes sorted!!!!

    1. Actually, it looks like we are not going to use Itunes after all but will have a download here on the blog instead... :)

  2. Sounds very interesting, glad to hear there will be a download instead of iTunes, as I don't have that!!

  3. This sounds wonderful. I'll be there on Dec. 2nd.

  4. sounds a superb idea....can't wait to take part!!

  5. It sounds wonderful and I am sure I can crochet well enough. But I am in Germany right now and not traveling back home to England until Sunday (3rd Dec) So I hope I can catch up with the podcast ?

    1. Of course you can! The files will be online all through Advent!

      Where are you in Germany? :) Just curios - you could be really close to my home!

  6. Hi there! Where is Part 3...?

    1. Newest post on the blog from this week!