Friday 10 November 2017

Star Blankets

Hi there!

Hope you are all doing well! I miss the long summer days but oh well, autumn/winter means cozy crochet time on the couch, doesn't it? 

Some weeks ago I felt like doing another Star Blanket from Celeste Young's pattern. I made three of these blankets last year and they were such a joy to make! So off I ventured and pulled some skeins of Stylecraft Special DK from my stash. I did that just before we left for a weekend at my mum's and the light wasn't perfect, so the colors didn't turn out to be the ones I thought they were when I pulled them out of the bag the next day. Oops! With the help of my husband (who is much better with colors than I am) I managed to put together a blanket color order which worked very well together in the end. Phew! One skein traveled in vain though - there was no vain it actually fitted with the other colors (it did in dim light...).

When I finished the first blanket, I had quite a bit of yarn left over and thus I decided to make other of the star blankets with the same yet of colors just in reverse order. To tell the truth, I played yarn chicken with the last two colors but it worked out in the end! I used one skein of each color except for the white (1,5 skeins). 

I adore the blanket pattern. I fell into a rhythm very quickly and thus crocheting these rows was so relaxing. The finished look of the blanket is something really as well! I think I will make another one soon just because it is such a joy to crochet the pattern. I would like to make a larger one at some point but for that I would need more yarn for the outer rows.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Take care

P.S. I know that the blankets need a good blocking at some point... I will get there. Eventually. 

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  1. Lovely work, Anne! It's satisfying when you manage to solve a problem like your colour one - the results are wonderful. I really like the order you chose.
    Did you know, it was only recently that I learned to invert the order of colours in a round blanket like this to use up all the yarn colours evenly. It makes sense once you think about it but it had never occurred to me before. Always something new to learn!
    What colour will your next blanket be? ;-)