Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Some thoughts on creativity

Hi there!

I have been struggling with my creativity over the last months. Or my creative self worth if that term makes any sense. Nothing I did felt "original" and thus I didn't feel like a creative person. Instead I felt like I was just "copying" other peoples creativity. After "all" I did was follow pattern and that felt so copycat like.

Instagram and Facebook didn't help. Don't get me wrong: I love Instagram - I love how it allows me to connect to people all over the world and I have spent more (!) my fair share drooling of amazing crochet pictures. Still, lately I felt like everyone there was soooo creative - everyone except me. Sometimes I even felt ashamed when someone complimented me on my newest blanket because hey, all I did was take some yarn and work someone else's pattern. 

I am not trying to whine here or am in anyway seeking for sympathy. Actually, it took me quite some time to gather the courage to write this post. In the end I figured if I felt ashamed about this "lack of creativity" or felt intimidated by everyone else wonderful works, I probably aren't the only one. As I recently learnt that shame hates being talked about (I currently reading "I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't): Making the Journey from What Will People Think? to I Am Enough: Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy and Power" from Brené Brown), I am talking about it now.

The more I thought about creativity, the more I realized that it is shouldn't feel like a burden. Also it doesn't depend on doing "original" work, creativity doesn't mean one has to create something which hasn't never been there before (because hey, that would be pretty hard, wouldn't it). Creating something new also mean one crochets a blanket following an exciting pattern - in my understanding that is an act of creativity because one is creating a new thing from something else and while someone else has made it too, doesn't mean ones new creation isn't new or unique. I am rambling here but I hope you get the essence of what I am trying to say. 

So now I am trying to feel "self worthy" again in regard to my crochet works. Yes, I don't create new patterns (actually I hardly ever do) and I follow other people's pattern. But each of my works is still an act of creative creation and the finished item is part of "me".

Take care

P.S. In case you are wondering... the pics are from the two projects I am currently working on. Both them are made based on other peoples patterns.

The blanket is "Begin the Beguine" from PollyPlum. I did however pic the colors (Dark Brown, Mocha and Black in Special DK from Stylecraft) - and to be honest, I realized that I am no good with dark colors! My next projects will have rainnnbboowws again!

The ghost is made from the hipster ghost pattern from Crafteando.


  1. I think there are so many types of creativity - choosing colours and making something is pretty creative in my book :) I've lost my crojo recently, I've even attempted knitting.... Hope all is well with you and looking forward to seeing more makes :)

  2. When we use another person's pattern but add our own color choices or border...it doesn't lessen the fact that it IS our creation. After all: there is nothing new under the sun ;)

  3. When you are as passionate about crochet as we are, we get to see a very wide range of crochet possibilities and ideas. While it is definitely an asset to widen one's 'crochet vocabulary' by networking and exploring, it is easy to feel that one has "seen it all before" and thus feel like anything we have to offer is unoriginal.

    It is like music and other art forms. There are only so many notes to go around and yet musicians keep coming up with original works. The notes are the vocabulary but the way in which they are used, arranged, interpreted and performed is the essence of creativity.

    The same goes for crochet. The techniques are our vocabulary but the way we use them to express our ideas, express ourselves, interpret our world, is the creative art form. The example of this is the way in which each project created from a single pattern can produce remarkably different results depending on the interpretation by the crochet.

    The creativity comes not from the project itself, or necessarily the techniques used (but having a wide repertoire (vocabulary) certainly aids expression), but from the personal, creative, interpretation by the artist.

    Like newborn babies: they are all very much the same as each other and yet uniquely different individuals all at once!

    As for reproducing 'someone else's pattern', you have technical skill that is not as common as you may realise. I dare say there are designers out there who are great at coming up with designs but may be less practised in the craft or too impatient to execute the product to the high standards that you and Michelle achieve.

    They may get too bored to reproduce the same idea more than once which is a different sort of challenge. You have the fortitude to be able to do that whether it is in individual squares or modules for a project or to make multiple items to sell for charity. I admire anyone who can do that as I do get bored easily.

    When you feel inadequate, consider this quote from author Linus Mundy:
    "Rest on your laurels. They bring comfort whatever their size, age or condition."

    May you be feeling better by the time you read this.
    Hugs, Jodie

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