Monday 13 August 2018

PATTERN: Heartwood Cardi

Hi everyone!

Gosh it's been a long time - babies really are time sinks... We are all going really well though :) Just look at this little face!

But to today's news! 

Stylecraft is releasing out two new colours of their gorgeous Cabaret yarn today! The new colours are Forest Glade (a mix of glorious greens with gold sparkles) and Underwater Rainbow, and aren't they mutedly gorgeous!? 

To celebrate, I'm finally getting around to publishing my Heartwood Cardi design! You can buy it from Ravelry here: 

(but keep scrolling down for a discount code and a chance to win the yarn to make it!) 

It's modelled here by my lovely friend Samantha in Cabaret Pink Bloom: 

I previously made Lily Chin's Coming Full Circle Vest for myself, but being on the tubby side, for the cardigan to meet around the front it hung down past my knees at the back! As with most of my design inspiration, my questions were - how can I make this work for me? And if I can make it work for me, can I make it work for others as well? 

I started with a similar octagon shape (adapted to make it actually sit flat in the centre) and then rather than continuing to work all the way around the circle after armholes, I just worked shaped rows back and forth on each side. Then, to get the gorgeous collar and length, I worked more rows at the top and bottom. Ta-dah! 

I've made four of these cardigans now - one each for me and three wonderful friends, so I am confident that the measurement and maths works for a few different body sizes. Whilst it was originally designed for chunky me, as you can see it also works for regular sized ladies as well. For the skinny minnies among us, well, you can make the plain circle cardigans short enough not to be swimming in them :P 

!!!!!WIN YARN!!!!!

Because they are wonderful people, Stylecraft are giving 8 balls of the Cabaret colour of your choice to one lucky winner to make the Cardi! 

All you need to do is purchase the Heartwood Cardi pattern by 11:59pm AEST next Monday 20 August 2018, using the code 


and you'll get 50% off and one entry into the draw! It is open to everyone worldwide - all you need to do is have a valid email address and use the discount code CABARET when you buy the pattern, and you'll go into the draw. 

Winner will be drawn on Tuesday 21 August 2018 - go do the thing and win some lovely lovely yarn! 


  1. I LOVE that you designed a pattern for the curvy ladies among us! Beautiful design, Michelle. :)

  2. Done entered the giveaway xx

  3. Just bought the pattern using the code. Fingers crossed. X

  4. It's beautiful and I can't wait to make it thank you for thinking of the ladies on the heavier side

  5. Hi is it possible to add sleeves to this cardigan esp for winter?

  6. Little Alexandra is such a cutie! How do you get anything done at all? I would find it almost impossible to drag my attention away from that gorgeous smile and happy face.

    1. Well, I've had this pattern almost ready to publish since last September :P

    2. Haha! Know the feeling. We get there eventually. :-)