Tuesday 12 February 2019

BAWJ2019 - Weeks 5 and 6!

Hi everyone! 

Me again! Have I blogged more than I did all of 2018 yet?? It feels a bit like it! 

This last two weeks has been a bit busier - we had a big day of youth exchange and funnily enough, having a tiny human really cuts down on the time and capacity available to recuperate properly. I'm doing ok with the day to day stuff, but an extra big event and poof, it's all over.

But, I did manage to keep up with the BAWJ2019 CAL so here are Weeks 5 and 6 for you :) 

If you want to join in on BAWJ2019, check out Julie's Facebookgroupblog and Ravelry Board for more information.


Pattern: https://crystalsandcrochet.com/crochet/clarissa/

Yarn colours: Phosphorus, Teal, Heather, Rose 

Boy, this square was a challenge. The actual stitches were fine, the pattern was well written, but I got to the end and the square was almost two inches bigger than the next biggest square! I used the same hook and yarn, and the same tension as far as I know.  So, I undid it all (threading the little balls on a knitting needle to keep them in order, I felt so clever), and redid it with a 3mm hook and it came out perfectly sized. I know I talk about peer pressure being a powerful force in a blanket, but this wasn't fudgeable. 

The textures are really lovely, and I liked how the colour changes worked! 


Pattern: https://cypresstextiles.net/2019/02/09/free-12-inch-crochet-motif-for-valentines-day-2019-one-love-ii/ 

Yarn colours: Sulfur and Cream

In contrast to Week 5, this square was almost too small! It was within the margin of error though, so it'll all work into the final blanket.  

I love the little hearts :) They came out really well! 

Can't wait for next week! In between the BAWJ2019 squares I've been working on a new project - stay tuned ;) 

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  1. The beauty of crochet is that it doesn't expend a lot of energy (compared to parenting and youth exchanges. Like you, I'm ok with routine daily things but the minute something else gets thrown into the mix, who knows what chaos will ensue over the course of the following week as the routine jobs snowball while energy is drained. I do hope you are managing to get some extra support during recovery to catch that snowball before it turns into an overwhelming avalanche! If all else fails, crochet is gentle and healing. Take care, Michelle xx