Tuesday, 29 January 2019

BAWJ2019 - Weeks 3 and 4!

Hi everyone!

I'm doing it! So far! The first time is happenstance, the second is coincidence, so managing to blog three weeks in a row makes it tradition, right?  

It's not too late, so if you want to join in on BAWJ2019, check out Julie's Facebook groupblog and Ravelry Board for more information.

This week I have three BAWJ blocks to show you, because there was a bonus square for Week 4! I chose to do both Week 4 blocks in the same set of colours. Without further ado...


Pattern: https://jessieathome.com/flame-square/

Yarn colours: Mercury, Mint, Lupin, Heather

It ended up a bit wonky, I think because of the hdc rounds pushing the next stitches quite far to the right. But, peer pressure is a powerful force and it'll square up nicely when surrounded by friends! The pattern was easy to follow and quite rhythmic. 

The texture of this square is lovely - I do like what post stitches do for crochet, even though I don't overly enjoy actually doing them.


Pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/iris-twins-afghan-block-square

Yarn colours: Copper, Gold, Rose and Sage 

This one was marked as advanced level, challenging even for experienced crocheters but maybe I am more advanced than I thought because it wasn't that hard? It certainly was complicated but as long as I read each step carefully and worked the stitches as I read the pattern, it worked out fine. I only had one problem moment when I couldn't figure out where to join yarn for a row, but sorted it out fairly quickly with a lot of zooming on the pictures

This is another heavily textured square, but in a completely different style to the last one. It could possibly use blocking, but since it's already a bit bigger than the other squares I will leave it and assume that the weight of the finished blanket will sort it out. 

Using standing stitches to start each row was definitely easier and neater than chains! 


Pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bufflehead-12-texture-afghan-block-square

Yarn colours: Copper, Gold, Rose and Sage 

This block was kindly offered by Margaret as a bonus easier option for Week 4 in case the Iris Twins was just too unmanageable. I actually ended up having more puzzled moments with this block than the other one! But, it all worked out in the end!

It's nice to have a lacy block in the mix. Again, using the stacked standing stitches to start rows rather than chains or other kinds of standing stitches made the end product neater (in my opinion) - I much recommend this technique if you haven't tried it yet!  

Phew! 4/48 blocks completed plus a bonus already! I still have plenty of Batik in the box, ready for next week :D   


  1. Interesting that you discussed the size of Margaret Macinnes' square as I was going to ask you how they end up tension- and size-wise when each square is a contribution by a different designer. What size is each square meant to be? I'm seriously thinking of giving this a go as a stashbuster (as if I don't have enough on my plate). I love the variety of stitches and styles.

    1. Apparently they will all end up 38-41st a side, and the joining instructions will have fudging information. Peer pressure is a powerful force in afghans so I'm not too concerned about them going together at the end - I'll just try to space out any particularly large or small ones so I don't get tight or loose patches in the finished blanket :)

      For my crochet brain I'm finding this project really lovely because it means that every week I am making something and spending a few hours crocheting, regardless of what else is going on. In these ever busier times it feels very nice to have this time and space carved out!

    2. That's really good. BTW I love post stitches - they add extra texture, thickness and make wonderful ribbing.