Wednesday, 10 April 2019

BAWJ2019 - Weeks 13 & 14!

Hi everyone!

I got a bit behind in the BAWJ2019 this fortnight - Kiah has been working lots of night shifts, and Allie has had a chest infection which has made the nights very long and the days very busy... zzzz... Fortunately Allie is on the mend now, so I'm starting to get a bit more sleep again. 

I think these two squares are some of my favourites so far - clearly written patterns, nice designs and not overly fussy or complicated :)

If you want to join in on BAWJ2019, check out Julie's Facebookgroupblog and Ravelry Board for more information.



Yarn colours: Storm, Cream & Mercury

Lots of popcorns again in this one! It was very interesting the way the shape of this square transformed with each row - very well thought out. 

The whole square has a lot of texture going on, but mostly focussed in the central part. Back post stitches, working in the back loop and of course the popcorns do the magic. 

One slight downside of such heavily textured squares is that they aren't really reversible. The back just isn't very nice to look at, and in an afghan I kinda prefer it when the back is at least almost as pretty as the front.  



Yarn colours: Coral, Old Gold, Violet, Sage, Graphite

I think this is my favourite square so far :) Straightforward pattern but still interesting, and the look would change endlessly just by playing with the colours. 

I love the little row of tulips in the border! 

The square does have a little bit of texture in the front post stitches, but you can see on the next picture that it is still very nice to look at on the back.

Overall I'm really enjoying the BAWJ2019 - meeting lots of new designers, and having a crochet goal for each week which helps keep me sane when it would be so easy for crochet to just fall by the wayside!   

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  1. This looks like the perfect project for you in this stage of life with a little one. I like the Ariane - for the qualities you listed - simple but interesting enough to have fun with colours etc. Popcorns look spectacular but they can be very time consuming, can't they?
    I'm glad you have managed to maintain some crochet in your very busy routine. It is even more important than ever to have something 'just for you' to give you some 'me time' or 'alone time' (even if the 'alone' is just your own headspace) when you are a Mum. xx