Sunday 8 December 2019

Advent Meditation Crochet Along - Week 2

Hi everyone!

It's already time for Week 2 of the Crochet Between Worlds Advent Meditation Crochet Along! You can find an overview of all information about the CAL here

We hope that you enjoyed the first pattern and would love to see your pictures! If you use instagram, can you use the hashtag #cbwadvent? That would be brilliant. :) 

To slow down the video, you can click on "Settings" and reduce the Playback Speed to 0.75. If you go much slower than that, Michelle sounds like she's been having wayyyyy too much Christmas cheer :P 

So without further ado, here comes pattern no 2!

Stitch Guide

Puff stitch - Tutorial from Annie's Catalog (but you can make your puff stitches as puffy as you want!) 


  1. I've made it! Thanks again. I have to confess though, I had to write the pattern out in the end after listening a few times. I am newish to crochet, and am in the UK so the US terms just proved too much for me. Just love the decorations and I am looking forward to the next one.

    1. That's fair enough! I know the feeling - I learned in UK terms originally, but then had to figure out both when I discovered the wonderful world of digital patterns!

      Next year I'll see if I have time to record it in both US and UK terms :)

    2. Thank you. That would certainly help me, as I just can't think quick enough to keep up and change the stitches to UK at the same time.
      I'll try again with week 3! Loving the decorations though. It has become a Sunday treat!

  2. The Advent Meditation Crochet-Along is such a lovely project! I’m really enjoying the patterns and the community aspect of this CAL. saltgrass promo code

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