Sunday 15 December 2019

Advent Meditation Crochet Along - Week 3

Hi everyone!

2019 is disappearing quickly and somehow it's already time for Week 3 of the Crochet Between Worlds Advent Meditation Crochet Along! You can find an overview of all information about the CAL here

We hope that you enjoyed the first two patterns and would love to see your pictures! If you use instagram, can you use the hashtag #cbwadvent? That would be brilliant. :) 

To slow down the video, you can click on "Settings" and reduce the Playback Speed to 0.75. If you go much slower than that, Michelle sounds like she's been having wayyyyy too much Christmas cheer :P 

Pattern no 3 is a wee bit more complicated, but just pause as often as you need to!


Stitch Guide

sc2tog - single crochet 2 together - Photo, text and video tutorial by New Stitch a Day

sc3tog - single crochet 3 together - Photo tutorial by Knotions

fphdc - front post half double crochet - Photo Tutorial by Crochet Parfait


  1. Thanks for going slower this week! I seem to be getting the hang on it now and managed to make the star just using the pause button now and again. It looks so pretty and I learnt a few more stitches too, being a bit of a beginner. Thank you for another Sunday treat. I now have 3 pretty decorations for my tree. Looking forward to the final one next week.

    1. I’m glad slower was a bit better! It’s such a different style of crocheting, even super experienced people really need to pay attention!

  2. I got on much better with the slower speed this week. No pausing! Many thanks for these enjoyable moments away from the world.

    1. Oh good! Hopefully I managed to maintain the same pace for this week's final instalment :)