Friday, 28 May 2021

Yarn Review: You and Me!

Hey everybody! 

What an epic year we've had! Life regularly seems close to normal here in Australia, but we are still having outbreaks and mini lockdowns.

In between work and Rotary and now chasing two tiny humans around, I've had some time to try out Stylecraft's (now not all that new) yarn, You and Me

In short, I LOVE IT - and definitely not because they sent the first ball to me for free. As proof, I've been back to one of the big online retailers and bought more for myself to make jumpers for the kids. 

I made one of my Impossible Hexagon Sweaters for Allie first, and it came up so rich and warm and sturdy, I can't imagine she will ever be able to wear it out. 

The yarn is an acrylic and cashmere-effect polyamide blend - it feels like it has the strength and stitch definition of cotton, but the warmth of acrylic and just so ridiculously soft and silky. 

I wanted to branch out this year to some different cardigan and jumper designs, and my eyes just about jumped out of my head when I spotted the Jasmine Sweater by Mon Petit Violon... yes yes yes yes yes!

It's taken weeks of scraping out a few minutes here and there, but finally I finished it last night, and couldn't wait to share it here! 

(Please excuse the grubbiness of the model - she had an excellent play with her new textas *eyeroll*) 

I love how the self-striping yarn worked in with the pattern. Often I find that highly textured designs lose all their effect when worked with other than a plain coloured yarn, but this worked really well -  I think it looks a bit like a Monet?

It's so cosy warm too which is fortunate, because it looks like Sydney is in for a very cold and dry winter. 

Check that stitch definition! I did have to fiddle with the pattern a bit to get the sleeves to fit, but I do have a very long skinny bean to clothe. Her little brother seems to be going the same way, although already much bigger than she was at this age. 

Do you have any other toddler/preschooler jumper or cardigan patterns you can suggest for me to try crocheting for this monkey? I'd love to hear your suggestions! 


  1. These are gorgeous - thank you for sharing how you made them.

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  3. Allie has grown so much! Gorgeous fun colours.

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