Thursday 7 November 2013

Hippos and Rhinos and Giraffes, oh my!

Hello everybody!

I recently discovered the joys of addiction-enabling groups on Facebook! Anne introduced me to a group called Creative Crochet Crew - a group of crocheters and crafty people from all over the world, sharing ideas, pictures and links to patterns of the most amazing array of crochet craft! 

It was on this group that I started seeing photos of the cutest little hippos

I tracked down the pattern to the very talented Heidi Bears and splashed out on several of her patterns based on the african flower hexagon - a hippo, rhino, elephant and giraffe.

My animals started off veeery large:

Grunhilda, 8ply acrylic with 3.5mm hook
But I eventually got the hang of it, and the right yarn (fine 4ply), and the right hook (1.5mm), and the right tension (tight as tight can be!), and now my little beasties are about 25cm long and 15cm high, and have the option of matching corner to corner cot blankets!

Bessie, fine 4ply acrylic with 2mm hook

I still think the hippo is my favourite, but I do like the others as well! Here are some more sample pictures:

I am selling my little monsters, and you can see all the photos, the colour selections and prices on my Facebook page: Wrapped with Love - Baby Gifts by Michelle .

Happy browsing!


  1. I just love these creatures. My favourites are of course the Giraffe, Zebras and Frogs. I've never tried to make a Hippo but they and the Rhino look very cute made of hexagons. I'm about to try a black and white zebra. Yes it may sound boring but I love them au natural. After that I might do other ones and possibly a hexagon one if that's at all possible. My mind keeps coming up with bright pink and white or red (probably) more raspberry and white. I also love love teal so you never know. I'm not sure what my favourite colour is as I love them all and at times have a favourite but it doesn't last long. When younger it was red, red, and more red. Think I'm going into my second childhood since I'm a Granny now and I just love dolls and toys.